The Holder of Penance

In any city, in any country, there are those that wander the streets, and they will find their way to you, dear Seeker.

It may be a charity worker or a homeless person, perhaps even someone much like you, who has "Forgotten their wallet" or needs "money for a bus" before you read this, you may have just ignored them, or humored their request and given them "all you had".

The next time you come across one, you will feel it. Look into their eyes. Do not falter, keep your gaze fixed on them, Seeker. You must ask them "I wish to see The Holder of Penance" if their eyes seem glazed, as if frozen with terror, but their mouth spreads wide with a smile, you must push past them, and keep running as fast as you can. However, if you see them frown, and their eyes flicker, you must await their questions.

Steady your gaze, Seeker, whatever you do, do not look away from their eyes. As they ask you their questions, you will be required to recount the sins of your life, and as the sins worsen, the world around you, what you see in your peripheral vision, will begin to change, and melt into a hellish landscape. Don't look away, and certainly don't look behind you. As their cold eyes begin to reflect the fire and gore and chaos of your surroundings, you know that their interrogation is coming to an end.

If you still hold a shard of sanity when the holder falls quiet, hold out your hands to them, and ask them to give you penance. They will hold your hands in theirs, and close their eyes. If you have committed many sins, you may not live through the next part. But it is too late to turn back. For every sin, you will feel as if lightning courses through you, from his hands to yours, and from your hands to your heart. If your heart is strong enough to survive the ordeal, left in your hands will be two castanets of black wood, held together by a red string, each carved with the image of a pelican.

The holder will vanish, and you will be left alone in the place you found them. Scurry home, Seeker, fools think it wise to stay too long.

Those castanets are object 50 of 538. They can be played, but it will only draw the others near.

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