The Holder of Pregnancy

In any city, in any country, go to any maternity ward you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls herself "The Holder of Pregnancy". It can only be a woman you speak too. If she looks panicked, run for you have come at the wrong time and you are already being hunted. If she sliently starts moving down the corridor, follow her.

The corridor will start off as any one in a maternity ward, it will be pristine and white. Yet as you go along blood will start to appear, first in spots then gradually in puddles. Your guide will lead you to a red door. Step inside quietly, don't disturb the woman on the bed.

Her body will be child swollen and there will be another child, a boy, on her bed with her. Ask her "Why were they born?" If the boy wakes up, pray for a quick death. For he is her son, the very offspring of demons, and he revels in pain. If she turns to you and looks you in the eyes don't look away. Her eyes will be pure white. She will describe in extricating detail why they were birthed upon the world. Why the won't stop coming. The horrors they will create and who they will kill. Every detail will imprint itself inside your mind and eyelids. Many wake the boy in hopes he will destroy them so they may not have to live with this knowledge.

If you retain your sanity then reach under the woman's pillow. There will be a scalpel and syringe. Fill the syringe with air and plunge into her neck, she will start seizing but don't retract the syringe until she stills. Then with the scalpel cut open her stomach and the child she was carrying will crawl out and lay next to her brother.

Inside of the woman's womb will be an infant's gold ring, take it and run to the door Seeker. Don't look make for her children are hungry and you would be their meal. Your body will be ripped apart before they get to the main course-your soul. When you open the door you should be back at the front desk of the maternity ward.

The infant's ring is Object 1444 of 2538. We are born into hunger, our upbringing determines what we hunger for. What do you, dear Seeker, hunger for?

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