The Holder of Retribution

Hello, seeker.

I'm sure you must be feeling exhausted by now. Month upon month of dragging yourself to the nearest mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. I think you'll find I'm a little more informal.

Get yourself to Rome. Spend as long as you like admiring the sights of the city; even a Seeker can enjoy themselves once in a while. I'm not overly patient, though: if you came to Rome to Seek my Object, then you'd best begin. Take only one Object with you. I suggest a weapon, you'll need it. Stand outside the Coliseum and state clearly, "Much has happened in my task that I feel guilt about. Shall I receive retribution?". If I see that you truly understand the pain that will be caused by bringing Them together, then I'll let you in. If not? Well, continue enjoying the sights of Rome. It's a beautiful city to die in.

If you were, however, successful, you shall see the buildings decay around you, until the timeless monument is all that stands against the stark grey skyline. There should no longer be anyone around to stop you from entering the Coliseum, but do not be surprised if you hear voices on the way in. A lot of people gather here to watch.

The roar of the crowd as you walk in will be deafening, but do not cower or show arrogance. They don't like that. Instead, brandish the Object you brought along, and shout aloud, "The pain I cause is inconsequential, for it is the Objects' destiny to come together!". At this point, a hush will fall over the crowd as the gladiators' entrance door swings open.

Your opponent will appear exactly as you do, but with one potentially fatal difference: he (or she) has use of all of your Objects that you did not bring. Any Objects inside you, or any attributes such as The Speed will be temporarily passed from you to your opponent, leaving you as you were before your task began, save for the Object in your hand. Stare yourself in the eye and charge, attacking however you can. Make sure to entertain the crowd as much as possible; they paid well to watch this spectacle, and moving minimally or, much worse, using a gun is likely to anger them. You don't want that many people rushing down upon you, trust me.

Fight honestly and to your full ability, until your reserves are entirely drained and you can feel yourself about to black out. Once again, make sure this isn't too soon. If you've fought well, your Object-ridden double will leave their guard down for a moment, and subtly wink at you. This is the time to dive at them Object first, and hold it to their throat. If the display was worth watching, a slow clap will begin until hundreds of thousands of demons are crying your name. I will then leap down from the stands and approach you with the authority of the emperors of old.

I will then hold out a gold medal to you, and a silver one to your double. You may take the gold medal, and all will know that you have conquered your own obsession with the objects, proving that you feel compassion for those you have hurt to bring them together. Some will fear you, others will congratulate you, but all will know of your triumph on this day.

You may, instead, reach out and grab the silver medal as I hand it to your double. I suggest that you run very quickly out of the Coliseum and back to your own world if you do this, as it is not a sight the audience like to behold. Wearing this, all who see you will scorn you, seeing that you have lost yourself to the obsession of the Objects.

They'll also see that you have Object 1347 of 2538. Some actions have no retribution worthy of them. If you commit these, then the only way left is forward.

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