The Holder of Revisit

Be thankful, dear Seeker, for I am probably the most merciful Holder you will ever meet. After all, I was once like you, a Seeker. The same cannot be said, however, for my... 'colleagues', and unfortunately, you must meet one of them before you try to seek me out.

Obtain Forlorn Remembrance before you wish to meet me, unless you wish to waste your time. I shall not condemn your fate to the deepest bowels of hell, but nor will I meet you. Once you do, seek out the first home you lived in, whether or not it is still in your or your family’s possession. Do not worry if the home has already been demolished, for I am not picky, and a rough estimation of where it once stood is fine by me. At that location, quietly but clearly, ask, "What is a true memory?"

You will hear a song in return. Once it stops, close your eyes immediately. Keep them closed until you hear one of two things that I will say.

In the event I cannot find even a single sliver of good in your body, I shall shout, “Your future is not yours to decide!” You should repent to whichever god you follow, or none at all. I have judged you beyond redemption and pure evil, and your eternity will not be pleasant.

Most of the time, I will say, “It is time to forgo your past.” When you open your eyes, you will find yourself at a hospital. You will realize the day and time is of your birth. You will be invisible to the other people in the past, although I suggest your skin shouldn't come into contact with any of theirs. If you do, chances are you’ll become visible, and you’ll have to find a way to explain your sudden appearance. As if on instinct, you will walk to the operating room. You will see yourself as a newborn, and now, you have a choice to make.

If you touch the baby, as in, yourself, you will find yourself as the baby, with all the experience you already gathered in life following up to your rebirth, minus the knowledge of us ever existing. You will never come into contact with us, or the Objects in your life, and you will start anew, armed with the information you have accumulated. Many, of course, choose this option. After all, there is no penalty for choosing this option, and your only loss being the Objects you possessed. The easy way out, no strings attached. Like I said, I am a lenient Holder.

If you truly want to continue and gather all the Objects, then make your way out of the hospital. Find the closest park to the hospital, and plant the Rose of Forlorn Remembrance there. Close your eyes and shout, "I will face my future, no matter what lies ahead!" Blink, and you will be right where you began your journey, at the location of your first residence.

Seek out the park. With luck it will be still there, and if not, well, I bid you good luck in searching. Find the Rose of Forlorn Remembrance, and attached to it, a small bracelet. Pressing the small amethyst in the middle of the bracelet will allow you to relive a happy memory of your choice, full-force and in colour. But each time you use it, the amethyst will shrink. When it has disappeared, you will take my place as the next Holder of Revisit, to craft a new amethyst for the one you used.

That amethyst is Object 1961 of 2538. To dwell in the past is to erase your future.

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