The Holder of Roots

Before you begin this quest, be sure that you are in possession of the the black pendant.

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, tell the receptionist you are here to discuss your future with "The Holder of Roots." Should the receptionist mock you, your quest will be disastrous, for the roots have taken hold. Your only chance of a pain free future is to make sure you keep the black pendant. On the other hand, if the appearance of the receptionist's face becomes that of an old, deep furrowed, oak tree, rest assured; you are on the right path, if only for the moment. Walk past the reception desk, and down the eerily quite hallway.

As you walk into the hallway, try to keep your nerve. Shameless images will explode in your mind, but don’t let these grotesque visions fool you; there has been nothing here for a very long time. If you succumb to the terror, you will be trapped, and death could never come soon enough.

After what seems an age, you will see the floor is covered in dry, musty, leaves. Pick one up, it does not matter which one in the least, and close your eyes. When you open them, you will be surrounded by hundreds and thousands of trees. Upon closer inspection, however, you may very well notice that they are only part tree, the rest a disfigured, agonized human form. These wretched and writhing trees share a sea of roots, causing them to endure their own and each other's misery.

A voice will beckon you, no, beg you to turn; as you turn, you will see, stood right in front of you, one of the most repulsive, pitiful creatures you've ever seen, far more disgusting than the images you witnessed earlier. The gnarled roots of every other tree in the horrifying forest are wedged into its bulbous eyes.

“End my suffering, please! I don’t want to protect it any more,” the beast will cry, its very voice tearing at your conscience. “Please, I’ve had enough, I can’t take it, I’m just not strong enough.” At that precise moment, regardless of any pity you may feel for the thing, you must ask, “How is it all connected?” The creature will abruptly cease its pathetic whimpering, and tell you exactly how and why it is connected to the Objects and They to him. Its every vile movement will bring bile to the back of your throat, and the urge to run rushes through your nerves, but even if you would submit to it, you cannot move in the slightest.

Roots will begin to ensnare your feet. You may very well attempt to struggle, to free yourself, but then you will realize: the roots are you.

“We are all connected,” the disfigured being will shriek, “we are all one, don’t you see? We can’t be separated”.

You will feel the pain of the forest rising, slowly at first, but soon it will burn through you as their thoughts mix into yours. You must not let it consume you, though. Take hold of the roots sprouting from the creature's eyes and pull with all of your might. Pull quickly, for its pain is now yours. As the roots pull out its eyes, an enormous pressure will build up behind yours. The moment his eyes leave its body, so will yours. Endure the pain to the best of your abilities and feel for the black pendant in your pocket, assuming you remembered to bring it. Take it in your hand and thrust it into the bloodied sockets.

“Thank you,” the creature will sigh at last, “thank you...” The pendant will eventually relieve the forest's suffering, and turn them all into normal trees. However, the effects will take a hold of you at a surprising pace; your limbs will stiffen, your breath will cease and your feet will splinter. Pray that you lose consciousness soon.

You will awaken in a forest nearest you own dwelling, unscathed, bar a small root protruding from your knee. The Root is Object 280 of 538. Will you break the connection?

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