The Holder of Sense

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution of halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask the worker to speak to "The Holder of Sense". The worker will look at you and her left eye will twitch, as if she saw something terrible behind you. Do not turn around or the sight will render you blind with fear.

When her left eye stops twitching, she will take you to a room full of portraits and give you a key.

Search for a portrait of an old woman with two young children. One male, one female. If the boy blinks, turn around and run as fast as you can. Do not stop or you will be forced to watch a child pull out your intestines as he laughs. If the young girl blinks, you may proceed.

Shout out the words "You have very beautiful children, ma'am," and the portrait will slide to the side, revealing a dark room. Enter the room and let the portrait slide back in to place. Turn around immediately, or your soul will burn while your body is sliced apart.

You will now face a mirror. In the mirror you will see a small light bulb, lighting the room behing you and revealing a family of four sitting at a dinner table, having a conversation. This conversation will be in an unknown language. Do not speak until the conversation ends, and never turn around to face them directly.

When the conversation ends, ask the family "Why must They not be together?". If the father turns to answer, all hope is lost. Pray for a quick, painful death. Should the mother turn to answer, she will tell of all the terrible things that ever happened. Horrible deeds that the human mind cannot comprehend. Try to keep yourself sane until she finishes speaking. When, at last, you feel something touch your foot, you may turn around. Gently pick up the object, and proceed out of the room. The portrait you entered through will slide open as you touch it.

The dinner plate is Object #285 of 538. The markings engraved on it will become clear when the Objects unite.

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