The Holder of Sight

In any city of any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself into... is that what you were expecting? And once you're there, be sure to ask for me. Then follow cryptic instructions to a task which will drive you quite mad whether you succeed or fail, gain an infamous and mysterious "Object", miraculously appear at home, etc etc, amen.

No Seeker, I'm quite different from most Holders. There are some of us that want you to succeed. There are even fewer of us who are willing to make the task easy for you. I mean, we won't just give you our Objects but we are willing to make the process very black and white.

For starters, nix the mental institution. I've personally hated those places. Sure, our realms only parallel them and we don't have to even come into contact with their halls if we never wish to. But just knowing how close I am to a funhouse of crazy mortals... makes my skin crawl. For my task, for my Object, you need only to find a city which sports a flea market or some form of streetside bazaar. There will be people around and there will be exchange going on. It's a bit ironic given that you won't be dealing with a "person" and there isn't much "exchange" when it comes to the matter. I know, I know, I'm rambling. Cut me some slack, I've been around for... well He knows how long and most of it's been spent by my lonesome.

In this street market, find a con man running a little show. It'll be one of those chump games, "Find the Queen" or "Follow the Ball". And no, before you ask, you need not worry about this man. If you bother him, he'll likely just tell you to go away in less than appropriate words. There's no madness or eternal damnation creeping up on you. Like I said, this will be very simple. When you get a chance, ask the man if you can see "The Holder of Sight" and to disregard the pun, he he. Oh, you don't like puns? Well I do.

The man will simply nod. He will become very quiet regardless of what kind of person he is or what he was doing before. Very calmly and slowly, he will lead you to me. I'll be waiting for any and all Seekers at a bar nearby. He will lead you in, point me out, perhaps mutter a few words of luck or a few strategies for the type of con he runs, and then leave. I advise you to listen because though my challenge is simple, you should never turn away free advice.

Oh come on, take a seat. I'm not going to bite your head off. Or cast you into oblivion. No, just sit down beside or in front of me, whichever is more convenient. I'll buy you a drink, whatever you like. We can talk for a bit if you would like to become relaxed first. You can ask me anything you like and I'll try to answer. I won't reveal anything about the Objects or Holders though, so don't bother. I probably will just shy away from any topic having to do with Them or their by-products. But just humor me, will you? As I said, I'm rooting for you, so the least you can do is pay me a little courtesy before my challenge. And yes, I may want you to succeed but I still have a role to play.

Now, remember the con? "Find the Ball" or whatever the person was running on those poor fools and rich braggarts? That's my challenge. I won't pull any tricks or fancy schemes. We'll play one round and you'll pick a card or cup or make a selection of some sort. If you lose, you'll be allowed to leave whenever you wish. On your way home, you'll be mugged and it will go badly. No matter how skilled you are or what you bring, it will end badly. You'll die. Where you go afterwards, I can't say. Believe what you want but I just can't talk about that.

However, if you win, you will have my Object. Now my Object is like many of those others that become a part of you but I will make it as painless as possible. I will reshape your eye, allowing you to see through a living body at will. This won't work on anything, it's specific to living entities, but it will allow you to turn any thing that can be considered living, even Holders and worse, into a window for you to peer through.

Your Eye is now Object 1989 of 2538. I can't say what will happen if you bring them together, but enjoy the ease of this task without question or worry. What lies ahead of you is already difficult enough without a tired Holder making you jump through hoops for my own amusement.

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