The Holder of Space-Time

In any city, in any country, go to any hospital's front desk. Stare at the worker for about 2 to 3 minutes, then say "I seek The Holder of Space-Time. This will set time back ten minutes ago. You will find yourself in a dark corridor with no escape. Walk down the corridor quietly. Should create loud noises will summon creatures of unspeakable evil. There is no escape from the creatures. They kill by existing

Continue walking until you reach a door. Should the door be red it is a portal to hell. Black is to the holder. Enter the door and you will see the holder. In front of the holder is a black hole. Should the holder turn around and you will be sucked into the black hole. Ask the holder "Do I create it?" The holder will not reply. Walk up to the holder and touch his shoulders. "I have suffered too." You must say this and mean it. For the holder has lost his loved ones. The holder will offer you a metal pipe. Do not accept it.

When the pipe is denied, you will feel extreme agony. Do not show any signs of it or you will die a slow horrible death. After you survived the agony somehow, the holder will tell you jump into the black hole. Do it. (Black Holes warp space and time) Close your eyes when you enter the black hole, or the holder will punish you with eternal agony. After you feel warm you can open your eyes. You will be back in the hospital and a black hole bomb will be in your hands.

The bomb is object is 1648 of 538. Use it wisely.

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