The Holder of Talbot's Elixir

In any country, in any city, go to the local tavern or bar. Once inside said location, ask the bartender for Talbot's Elixir. At first, he will refrain from answering, but keep asking for exactly 13 minutes. When the 13 minutes is up, ask one last time. The bartender was notion for you to follow him. Do so, and you will find yourself ambling down a damp, and grimy corridor. If at any time the bartender whispers "Obscurum" turn around and run as fast as you can. Do not turn to look for any reason, at all. If that word is not spoken, then continue along side the bartender. Suddenly, a wooden, near rotten door will be seen. The bartender will hand you a a small key. Take the key and unlock the door in front of you.

You have now entered the room where Talbot's Elixir is held. Slowly walk, as you are being watched. When you see the bottle, don't pick it up, instead, ask aloud this simple question." What will the elixir tell?" Once said, a figure in black robe and red eyes will stand instantly behind and answer."Nothing, but the collision of the Objects and their effect. The Observers see you now." Now, after your question has answered, quickly take the bottle and dart for another door that will appear before you. Ram into it and you will find yourself in a field. You now have Talbot's Elixir. Take care of this and do not let it collide with any other Object.

..for that The Observers are watching our every movement.

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