The Holder of The Culmination

I watched it all happen.

Go to the nearest gumball machine you can find. Put the coin from The Holder of Trade and turn the knob. Only the coin will come out. Go through the nearest door you can find and you will see a desert. Relax, for you are safe here. You will not feel hunger, thirst, fatigue, or disease while you are here. You will live here forever, even after they are reunited. Lucky bastard.

I even helped to begin it. I can't live with myself.

Go to the nearest gumball machine you can find. Put the coin from The Holder of Trade and turn the knob. Only the coin will come out.

I'm sorry, am I repeating myself? After all these years, it has gotten fuzzy in my memory.

This punishment is not enough for me. I deserve more.

Actually, either the coin could come out, or two gumballs.

No, that's wrong. Two gumballs came out for me. They won't come out for you. You will benefit from my mistake.

I was guilty. They came for me.

When I was doing this, a black gumball and a white gumball came out. I took the white gumball. What a fool I was. Only the black gumball will come out for you. Eat it. No, that's wrong. Chew it.

They made me a Holder. They spared me.

And then you will be transported to a dull world. The sky will be tinted beige. In front of you you will see a factory, but the world will be blurry. You know how on a hot day, the heat messes with your eyes? You see ripples sometimes. It's like the world is a mirage. Oh, how I wish it was.

I was one of the few to live.

Look up. No, look right. Actually, look north-east. East is right, right? Hahahah. That's funny. I haven't heard a good joke in a while. So anyway, there will be a track on top of the factory. Behind you will appear a man. This is the Holder of The Culmination.

I am not him. He is not me. I didn't know what he would do with what I gave him. Now I know.

Keep looking at the track. You will stare for a long time. Not a long time. A really long time. You should be dead by the time you stop. But you won't be. Finally, he will ask you "What time is it?" and you must respond "It's time for the beginning of the end." You should still be staring at the track. If he makes an annoyed grunting noise, then blink. If he doesn't, then.. well.. I'm sorry. I will cry for you when I sleep.

It's a shame I never sleep.

So when you finish blinking.. which should be in half of half of half of half of a second.. look at the track again. If a red wheelbarrow rolls by, then you are on the right path. If nothing appears, then the Object is gone. Your timing was impeccable. As soon as you realize this, then The Culmination has begun. Feel free to stay here. Only the suicidal would go back to the real world now.

At least I have company. Seekers like you.

If a red wheelbarrow does appear, then run away. The Holder is trying to kill you.. and then you'll see a door.

I hate the object I guard. I created it. Not on purpose. Not directly. I caused The Culmination. I caused this.. this.. thing.

Go inside the door. Here marks the beginning of a long long adventure.

I am the Holder of the... the... I can't bring myself to say that word.

I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to finish this story yet. Maybe another time.

Is Object 2535 really worth it?

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