The Holder of The Holy

In any city, in any country, go to the biggest catholic church. Do no speak with anyone, sit close to the altar and wait until it's twilight.

Watch the sunlight pass trought the stained glass as it disapears in the sky, then walk to the altar and kneel, if the church is empty you will hear a voice asking you to walk towards the altar, if not, then you must leave, because this Object will never belong to you.

When you reach the place the voice was guiding you, don't do anything that it says, because now you are being tested. You can hear now more voices, making an horrible noise, try to keep calm and whisper: "I came here looking for The Holder of The Holy" They will keep arguing and screaming in your mind, but listen closely, there shall be a little child voice telling you to close your eyes.

Do so, as the things that will happen around you will drive you crazy. Focus on that child-like voice, as he will keep you from losing your mind. He will ten ask you to open your eyes, when you do, yo will see a child with angel wings between you and the altar.

Ask him quickly this question "What happen to those who fail?", then he will smile at you. Don't be afraid, he will tell you to put it in water, will just disapear and leave behind a feather.

Put it on the baptismal font, it will point to one of the gates. Take it back and exit trought that door and don't look back or the consecuences could be worst that you can even imagine.

In your way back to your home avoid anything related to religions or death, and you will be fine.

The feather you hold is the Object 1403 of 2538. The heavens have closed their gates to those who seek despair

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