The Holder of The Strategy

In any city, in any country, leave a window open while you sleep in a residence you call your own. In front of that window, place a table with a game on it. Chess is a popular choice; checkers would work as well. The only rule is the game must involve some kind of strategy. Don’t think your choice will give you an advantage though; he knows them all.

It may take several days, but eventually you will find yourself awakened by strange footsteps in the night. They may be just outside your open window, or near the foot of your bed. Do not be alarmed; he doesn’t wish to hurt you. He just wants to size you up. You may notice his shadow against your wall if he visits when the moon is bright. His form will seem odd, but you may make out a high collar around his neck, a tall hat, or the glow of round glasses. Close your eyes, pretend to be asleep, and do not try and look at him. He stays in the shadows for your sake, not his.

If he thinks you’re up to snuff, when you check in the morning one piece on the board will be moved. He has made his first move. Before you make your move, place a small basket with a red cloth inside on the table. Then, place your bet on the cloth. It must be something of value, though not necessarily expensive. Something you find important, but not necessarily something you’re sentimental about. Every day you must make your move, and every night he will make his.

If you lose, the object you bet will go missing, and you will not be visited again. If you win, however, you will find a new object in the basket. The object will be a collection of intertwined pieces of metal forming a fascinating shape. The moment you pick up the object (you won't be able to resist) the pieces will fall apart into a tangled mess. Even that tangled mess will be fascinating, though, and you will become obsessed with trying to return it to the glory you witnessed for only a moment.

You must hide this object; ensure no one else ever sees it. They didn’t earn it, and they can’t be trusted with it. If anyone else glimpses it even for a second, they will beg you for it, then demand it from you. If you don’t stop them, they’ll eventually kill you for it. As you work on the object more and more, know that you will never be to solve it, for the Object was never meant to be solved. However, you’ll begin to find other puzzles are suddenly easier to solve, other games simple to win.

This is Object 852 of 2538. It is now your job to create a strategy to ensure they never come together.

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