The Holder of Things Lost

The location of The Holder of Things Lost is different for everyone.

In a place you know well, in a town you were possibly raised in, is a place that means more to you than anything. A place where the memory that means the most to you took place. A memory that took place in a time, or with people or a person that you miss dearly.

In order to find The Holder of Things Lost, you must visit this place that is specific to you with only disdain for how your life has played out in your heart. You must treat your visit to this place as you would treat a visit to the grave of the person that means the most to you in the world. Only then will you be able to obtain the object.

Once you have arrived, take 10 minutes or so to look around, reminisce, and possibly shed a few tears for the memories you will never have back. After this time, you will notice something peculiar. A woman who was not there before. She will be wearing a black dress with a black funeral veil over her face. She could be sitting on a park bench, standing in an alleyway, wherever she can be that you will notice her. She will not arrive. She will simply be there once your sorrow peaks.

You must approach her with only the greatest saddness in your heart and ask, "Where do they go?"

She will then turn away from you and walk in another direction. Stand perfectly still. Do not follow her, do not call out to her. Remain staionary and silent. She will walk around this place you know so well for a minute or so before producing and old Polaroid camera and snapping a picture of the place. She will then walk back to you, take the picture, shake it for a while, and hand it to you with the back facing up. Take it from her, turn it over, and look at it.

Once your eyes come into contact with the image you will immediately go blind. After a moment you will regain sight to find yourself still standing in the same place, but in the middle of your favorite memory. This memory is the memory in which you were the happiest you have ever been, but you will only feel sorrow, hopelessness, anguish. You will not be able to remember how happy you were in this moment in time, you will only be able to feel a thousand years of unhappiness for every day that has passed since the day the memory happened. If you manage to withstand reliving the entirety of this memory without ending your own life, you will lose sight again momentarily, and regain sight again to be standing in the same place in the present. You will have no memory of the image on the Polaraid picture, and the picture in your hand will now be blank on both sides. Take my word on this. If you look at it you will black out only to end your own life, after which your soul will fall into an infinite agaonizing existence in which you are forced to relive the moment you took your own life for eternity, though you have no memory of it. Drop the picture on the ground and forget about it.

The woman will be gone, and where she was standing will be the camera. Take it and go home.

The camera is object 693 of all. Pictures taken with it will drive those of weak minds to suicide.

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