The Holder of Void

In any city, in any country, go into any church. Talk to the Priest, and ask him for the "Holder of Void". If he grins an evil, demonic grin, immediately pour holy water on him. If you do not, he will instantly devour your soul.If he saids "I know not what you are talking about" demand he answer you. Continue to ask him about the "Holder of Void" until he gets on his knees, and procures a key.

Walk to the Undercroft of the Church, and turn right on the first fork in the Undercroft. You will see an ancient, decrepit gate. Insert the key into the gate, and walk through. You will see three gates, two leading into the depths of hell, and one leading to a completely different dimension. There is no telling what gate leads to which. If you stride into the hellish dimension, you will stay their forever, being tortured personally by Satan himself.

If you find your self walking into the correct dimension, you will appear in a grassy knoll. Walk directly forward for exactly 180 seconds. At this time, stop moving completely. If you make even the slightest movement, you will be teleported directly to the hellish dimension. After waiting for 20 minutes, not moving, a small child will appear in front of you. She will procure a scroll from thin air, and levitate it in front of her. If you try to take it, she will kill you. You have to ask her, "What happened to the other items?" She will tell you the brutal, savage history of the Holders that will rock the very foundations of sanity.

The scroll will tell you to search for the other items.

You will than be able to take the scroll. As soon as you touch the scroll, you will wake up outside the church. Before congratulating yourself, run for the hills, as the Priest will appear with a dagger and attempt to kill you.

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