The Holder of Weakness

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution of halfway house you can get yourself to. Make sure you are well rested. Go inside and look for someone struggling with a heavy box. Ask to see the "Holder of Weakness". If he turns to face you, leave the city by any means necessary. They might not find you as quickly.

If he grunts and keeps going, follow him. Do not let him put down the box. If he puts down the box, you must berate him for his weakness and force him to pick up the box again.

Eventually, he will lead you to a large heavy wooden door. Open it, for if he opens it, your quest will end there. Inside you will find a heavy built man cowering in the corner. You will find a hammer in the heavy box and you must beat him with it, until his limbs are broken and his skull shattered. Should the man choose to fight back, brain yourself with the hammer. It will be less painful.

By the end he will be crying, begging for mercy, but do not relent until he stops begging. When he has stopped begging you may ask him the question. "What is Their strength".

He will then, in a voice racked by pain, tell you of every horrific act committed in an act of weakness. People who betrayed everything they stood for because they felt they had no option. If you do not go mad from this information and choose to end yourself there, the man will begin to rot and dissolve, leaving behind one of his fractured arms. Take a shard of bone and push it into your eye without hesitation.

Your eye is object 1972. You will see in each person what their moment of weakness might be.

Your weakness is Their strength.

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