The Holder of You

You have journeyed far, Seeker. You have Sought in hospitals, schools, alternate dimensions. You have mastered and been mastered. You have mutilated and been mutilated. You have seen and been seen.

Now you must find the Holder of You.

Before seeking me it would be more than advisable to have the lens and the polishing cloth that comes with them. Without these, your quest for me will be most...perilous.

The only place you can find me is in the wintery wasteland of northern Russia. Once there, you must find any old structure dating from the Cold War period (concrete walls preferable). Once you find this structure, lean in close to it and whisper, "In Soviet Russia, the object seeks you."

As soon as the last words leave your mouth, you will hear a rustling in the snow behind you. Whatever you do, do not turn to look at what is rustling, as it is a thing that cannot be known. It is of infinite wisdom, and to look upon it would let you know all of its knowledge, which would destroy your human brain in an instant.

At this point, if you have the lens and the polishing cloth that comes with them, count yourself lucky, as your task will be made easier, though more testing to say the least. Regardless of whether or not you have the lens, ask out loud, "What am I?" If you get no answer, run and don't look back. To look back would be a more damnable fate than that of looking upon infinite wisdom.

However, if you hear the answer, "You," you may turn around (and put on the lens, if applicable) and see a reflection of you standing in the snow.

If you are not wearing the lens, then the reflection will speak of every regret in your life and you will leave unharmed, but empty handed until you can return with the lens and cloth. If you have the lens, polish them with the cloth.

Suddenly you will see every defining moment in you life, be it good or bad, terrifying or joyous, played out before your eyes. These will not be things you expect, but you must betray no emotion except confidence.

Then there will be a vision of you standing in the snow looking at yourself looking at you standing in the snow looking at yourself looking at you and so on into infinity.

When this happens you must say, "There is nothing I can change."

The vision will dissolve and you will see a small mirror sitting in the snow. Looking into this you will see the Holder of You.

You are object 507 of 538. Be careful, for now they will call you more than ever.

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