The Holder of Dearth

In any city, in any country, go to any jail or asylum you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask the young lady if you may exchange a few words with the one whom calls herself the "The Holder of Dearth". The lady may look surprised, for the last visitor, who had asked the same question, had not came back from the cell mark 8787945 since he was escorted back a week ago. You may ask why no one, no security guard or doctor, had went to check on the visitor, but don't ask any questions as she escorts you to the very cell that holds your fate.

As you enter the cell, you will come across a child- lonely and gray, aged to look only but of eight years old- as she sits in the center in the small, narrow, cubed cell and stares at you as you enter. You are not to break eye contact; otherwise your soul will be taken from you, leaving you motionless and unable to feel anything but the loneliness and pity this child has felt for years. You are not to say anything to the child, but in your mind, you may only think, "Why are you so lonely?", "Where is your family?", and "Why are you here?". She will answer, with a voice so light, that it may feel if the Heavens themselves have opened. Though you may be intrigued and drawn by the voice, pay close attention to the words behind it: the story is more horrifying, more gruesome, more brutal than anything you may have heard in a folk tale or may have seen with your own eyes. Some cannot take pain the child has gone though and will break eye contact; they will suddenly feel the pain worsen, and soon sympathy will turn to brutal empathy. If you continue to listen and pay attention to the child, the child will no longer feel the pain and loneliness, and shall grant you passage out of the dark asylum.

As you go along with your daily routine after visiting where ever you have just came from, take the story and learn from it. If ever you come across a sobbing man or grieving child, tell them of the story and remind them that no matter how horrifying a day may be, there is always someone- wherever they may be- that is in worse conditions than that man or child is.

Look into yourself, and you shall find the child is there.

This Object is 282 of 538, and pray for the child who brings them together.

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