The Holder of a Prize

Hurry, hurry! Step right up! Come one, come all! That's it, gather around, folks!

Hurry now, lad! You'll miss out if you're not quick.

You there, madam! Are you not at least a little curious?

Few would believe the strange, the unusual, the ancient and the exotic. Yet would you believe me if I told you of some of the fantastic, priceless items already won by others much like any one of you in this very crowd?

Who am I, I hear you ask? I’m known far and wide as Mad Stan Goode, and I have for each of you fine ladies and gents a special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If you look to my left, you'll see my able assistant with the grand prize reserved for our lucky winner tonight.

Yes, yes, take a moment to feast your eyes upon it. A most exquisite treasure, is it not?

Madam, would you care to guess at how much of your hard-earned coinage an entry into our little game might cost you?

Why, that's preposterous! Sure, we may be at a carnival, but even we wouldn't swindle you like that!

And you, sir, how about a guess from yourself?

Even less than that!

Perhaps this young one can outdo her elders’ attempts?

While that may be an entirely fair and sensible guess, I’m afraid I myself am not entirely fair and sensible. Truth be told, the charge for each of you here tonight, and tonight only, will be nothing at all! Yes, you did hear me correctly - not even a single penny!

What’s that - you can hardly believe it? I certainly can't blame you - opportunities as wonderful as this typically exist only in myths. But indeed, all you need do is simply head on into the tent beyond the black archway behind me, where my able assistant is already taking up her position.

Come, come! Don’t dally, now! The game will begin in just a few moments.

The rules should become quite apparent as you step inside. Just remember this: though you may not be paying any money, every treasure still has a steep price.

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