The Holder of the Apocalypse

In any city. In any country.Go to any Hospitals you can get yourself to. Go to the front desk and ask to speak to "The Holder of the Apocalypse". The worker will laugh a demonic laugh and will ask you "Do you really want to meet him?". If you answers "no" you will be free to leave ,but will never have the chance to meet him. If you say "yes" the worker will keep silence ,then lead you to a long dark old hallway ,the hallway is dusty .From there you will hear voices of the unknown. It will be sounds like people whispering all around you, a lot of people. You will feel an unspeakable terror deep inside. Don't be curious ,Don't look above ,right or left of you just look at the worker leading you through the long dark hallway. At the end of the hallway the worker will unlock a door.

Inside it, there's dark room with only one light and two seats. Sit on one of the chair and do not look around as you will still hear the whispers around you, if you don't then it's the end of your life. You will need to wait around half an hour without looking around you as the creatures that are whispering are something unspeakable and demonic creatures and if you look at them, they will eat your flesh. Then a person will come wearing a mask ,a mask of a demon. You will look into it and do not blink. As if you blink he's fast ,a little to fast. He will ask you a question his sound will be demonic ,his question is "Do you want me to open this mask?". Don't let curiosity get over you say "no" as it is the right word to say. If you say "yes" he will open the mask and his face will show you ,your worse nightmare as then all the people that said "yes" to that question is dead or missing.

Then he will ask you "What is it that you want?". He will only respond to one question "What happens after the Objects meet together?". he will answer it in a horrible, horrible way very clear and yet many people will go mad or attempt a suicide and some gone missing. After the question is asked he will show you a box. To you will be given the box. The box contains dark secrets and dark power that no other Objects holds. Never open the box. Use only it's outer power ,it's outer power is the weak version of it's power but if you open the box ,the apocalypse will begun.

That object is object 1538. They said the other 2000 objects were destroyed. They were wrong.

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