The Holder of the Blade

Walk into the town, you will see a large warehouse.

Walk in, don't look back. Ask aloud to see the 'Blade'. A young girl will look at you, a blade in her hand. She will ask you for water. If you give her some, she will give you a note. The note will say, 'Killer Blade'. Now run, don't look back. Ever. Escape the town, find the large solitary oak tree. Once you do, the girl will be there.

Look her in the eyes, they are blue. Good. You made it out on time. You have won the blade.

They are red. Bad. You have failed, prepare for her to stab you in the heart with the same blade.
Whatever you do, do not lose the note. She will kill you if you do not have it with you.

The blade is the 666 object out of 2538. Beware the blade brings solitude.

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