The Holder of the Crusade

In any city, in any country, go to the holiest structure relevant to your religion that you can find. When you see the symbol that, to you, symbolizes paradise (be it a crucifix or the Star of David), sit cross-legged at its base. Close your eyes and think of what life will be like after you have died and ascended; block everything else out.

If you begin to hear chanting, then it is a lost cause, for you are to be damned. However, if you hear footsteps behind you, stay perfectly silent and open your eyes. You now bear witness to the eternal cosmic clash between darkness and light, evil and righteousness.

You must watch the battle with complete impartiality, favoring neither side. If your loyalties fall to one side, even for a moment, you will join that side in combat; seeing as how you're a mortal in an army of the immortal, suffice it to say, you won't last long. But if you can observe the clash with total neutrality for long enough, the one who made the footsteps behind you will speak. The voice will shift with every waking moment, never sounding the same at any two moments; it will all be new, yet completely incoherent. After you have listened to the voices for as long as you can bear, stand up and face the being. You must stare directly into his eyes, your gaze never wavering, for if you see his body, you will dissolve into the most horrifying image ever known to existence. Ask the being, "Why do they fight, when they are both so akin?"

This being will begin to speak in your voice. It will recite the true history of every religion to ever exist. It will explain how each of them are nothing more than a mockery of the Divine; they each started with the intention to guide humanity towards righteousness and enlightenment, yet each and every one of them fell victim to greed, corruption, and lust for power, thus exposing them for the frauds they are. They fight simply for their own survival. He will then gesture towards the battlefield and end his speech with a simple answer: "They, however, fight for what is right." At hearing these words, you may begin to succumb to madness, or you may be able to question the being once more: "What is right?" The being will begin to step back so that its whole form is visible; the vision would kill most instantly, out of the mind's sheer inability to comprehend it, but you will survive. In that instance, you will know what is right.

As soon as you blink, you will be back to where your journey started; you will feel immeasurable pain all over your body. Look at yourself; you should notice that you are naked, your body punctured all over by some unknown force.

What you saw was Object 311 of 538. Your body now reflects your soul.

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