The Holder of the Cycle

Seeker, if you've managed to make it this far, you should have noticed by now a certain theme that resurfaces in several of the Holders' instructions. If you've been paying close attention, you'll have realized that the Objects have been brought together at least once before, if not more than that. Yet, look around you. The world looks no worse for wear, right?

Hopefully you've realized what this means.

Go ahead and bring them together. Wreak havoc as you see fit. But somehow, inevitably, the natural order of the universe will right itself. All the damage you've done will be reversed, and the world will go right back to the way it should be. Sure, you've got your temporary gratification, but in the long run, will it really make any sort of impact? You'll die, the universe will suffer for a few millenia, and then something will happen that'll make it all go away. The suffering will end, peace will return, and the Objects will be separated once more.

And then it'll start all over again.

Think of it; is it really worth damning yourself and everyone and everything you hold dear, just to accomplish a task that, in the end, will reap absolutely no rewards? Too late will you realize that the prize at the end of the road was nothing but a cheap illusion, a trick of your own mind. Despite your "achievement", in the end you'll just become another forgotten name, lost to the unforgiving tides of time.

That being said, do you truly believe that you'll end the cycle? Will your reunion of the Objects truly be the last? Can you do it in such a way that the universal balance, to this point unbreakable, will be rendered unrepairable?

I certainly hope so, for only to one who is truly convinced that they will be the one to bring about the final reunion will I relinquish Object #534, a broken steering wheel. Just remember: being convinced you'll break the eternal cycle and actually doing it are two entirely different things.

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