The Holder of the Guard

In any city, in any country, go to any prison you can get yourself into. Remember the path leading to the entrance and close your eyes. If the path is straight, you can walk directly forward. If the path requires turns, be sure to remember each corner you must turn before reaching the front door. If you stray from the path by even a foot, or be so foolish as to open your eyes: run away, and never return. Keep walking until you reach the door, and do not open your eyes until you are relieved by the touch of the door's handle.

You can walk in assuaged, but only for a moment. Go up to any security guard and ask to see the one who calls himself The Holder of the Guard. In that second, you will hear the sound of countless cell doors sliding open in the distance behind him. The guard will proceed to place handcuffs firmly around your wrists, and you cannot remove them until the challenge is over. Be warned dear seeker, do not enter unless you have someone special in your life that you value more than your own, someone you love and would defend with your very life until your dying breath.

The guard will walk you down to the main halls. Around you will be criminals, rapists, murderers in rows from the floor you're on to the many floors above you, staring at you in envy, all who deserve to be detained for life for their sins. Do not look at them; pay them no mind for you are not one of them. Looking at even one of them in the eye will cause all of the other criminals to surround you in every single direction, feeling so disgusted for the swine that they truly are. They will hold you down, and stab you with whatever sharp object they keep hidden, puncturing your body over and over. Do not offend any prisoners as well, less you want to cause the bloodiest prison riot you have ever seen. The guard will then show you to the warden's office and open the door. Once open, the guard will take the gun in his holster out, point it at his head, and pull the trigger. That's your cue to enter the office as quickly as you can and lock the door behind you. The Warden will appear before you; he will be sitting down behind his office desk. His face will be covered in scars, puss will drip down, his clumps of crusty hair nearly hang by their threads, and there are lumps of bloody cysts around his neck and hands. Approach him bravely and with pride, showing no sign of fear or weakness of the heart, or you will see how ugly he can really be. Throw all care and fear out the window and ask forcefully, "Why is it not like the others!?"

The warden will smile, with the skin of his lips dangling over the edge and point you out to leave. Leave immediately and do not look back, no matter what you hear or what he says after. The door you exited will not bring you back to the main halls, but instead to a much more narrow, dark hall: a hall so tight that your shoulders will hardly fit through. Walk normally as in no rush, and you will notice the walls are instead made of cage doors. It makes no difference whether or not you look inside, but I don't think you can hold your lunch if you do. If the cages can be heard echoing throughout this hall, if you feel a scratch or grab, don't think, just run. They have found a way out of their cages. Run as hard as you can and ignore any clawing of their nails, the grips of their cold hands. They will try to slow you down, and harm you enough that the others behind can catch up to you, and you wouldn't want that. Their nails are so sharp that they will feel like knives, the pain combined with them digging in your flesh. Fight your way though until you see a thick red line. Cross it, and you will be away from harm of them chasing you. If you cannot reach the line in time, or if they get you... Let's just say that they will finally get a decent snack.

Over the line will be what feels like an endless dark room,with an outrageously tall door adorned with three large keyholes. Protecting this door, is a just as massive creature you should know from your mythology books. It has three heads, and nails the size of small houses. Don't even say it's name. Do not look up, or the middle head will devour you; do not look left, or its right head will chew you up and spit you out from horrid taste, your body unrecognizable and covered in saliva. The right head hates the taste of humans. Do not look right, or its left head will swallow you whole. Don't think you know anything from your mythology books, he doesn't slightly resemble anything of a dog. Look only forward and proceed to the door. In the back of your mind, you will hear a question. Answer it right and the three keyholes will appear on the door in front of you at about the average size of any keyhole on a door. Answer it wrong, and well, look down... You'll be like every other chew toy it ate, on the floor.

"The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What must you do to set yourself free..?"

For the keyholes, simply place your right hand on the left one and say: "Free My mind." Then the middle one: "Free my Heart." The right one while thinking of the one you hold dearest: "Free my arms for the one I love."

Saying this correctly will cause the door to open before you as a tiny puppy walks out, looking up at you from your feet. He is yours to keep.

Pet him, hold him, show him tenderness and care. Carry him cradled in your arms securely through the door which is radiating with a warm comforting light. Give the pup a name, a home, love, comfort. Treat it as if it was human, and in time, it will grow to be strong enough to protect you as well. Do not think of the person you hold dearest as you pass though the door, he or she is now safe,and will be protected from now until death, and eternally granted enlightenment in paradise.

You will wake up in your home at night, feeling as if everything was but a dream. The dog sleeping at your feet, will make you realize that it was not. Tightened around your neck will be a spiked collar, perfectly fit, and a note tucked safe in you pocket. The note will be from the warden.

"It's not like the others because no one ever cared for it. You are now my new Cerberus."

Your head will then feel as if it has been cracked open, leading to days of intense headaches. You mind will be split with two other voices, each of them giving their own opinions and thoughts. You will become whole, and learn to think as one.
This Collar is object #539 of 538. Protect the seekers from making a mistake.

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