The Holder of the Internet/Discussion

Frikken awesome! Wooo!

I, too, must admit I was pleasantly surprised; I was expecting another "har har har" parody, but this is actually a good story.

Glad to see more writers are starting to think outside the box these days. -- MisterVercetti

Wow. That was really great. Full props to you. -Arca

I really really like this one, but what gets me is that the objects are ancient, right, and the internet is not...maybe this holder changes from time to time to fit with modernization? MT

I was very pleased with this one, too, and it would make sense not just for this Holder, but for all of them; they aren't stupid. -inventor-

"Why are new ones made when the old ones are brought together?" - implying, of course, that new ones are created when old ones are brought together. Why does the Holder of the Internet have to have been one of the originals? Perhaps that's why there's such an odd number of Objects - 2538.
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