The Holder of the Moral

Hello, Seeker. I am the Holder of the Moral.

Have you met my unwitting lackey, the Holder of the Parable? I hope you have, for my task is impossible if you haven't.

Assuming you have read the Parable, Seeker, let me give you a little insight into the situation. I "created" the Holder of the Parable, so to speak. I planted the book of fables on that library shelf; I also drew him into picking it up and reading it. I gave him that distinct feeling when he first laid eyes on the Parable. I posted the Internet listing for the copy of the book he purchased and sent it to him myself. That "random Internet search" he spoke of? Hardly. I wanted him to learn of the Objects so that I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of finding some otherworldly creature to become the Holder of the Parable; they can be quite bothersome to handle, you know.

That being said, by no means am I out to harm you, physically, mentally, or emotionally. I consider that the duty of the numerous other Holders. However, don't take this to mean that getting my Object is a simple task. Though you yourself are at no risk, the process of getting my Object may be one of the most difficult you've yet faced.

Finding me is simple enough. I appear as an old man with a long, grey beard, walking among the ordinary people of the earth. Don't worry about never finding me; I know who reads the Parable, and I make a point of appearing to them at least once, so that no Seeker is denied the chance. If you can correctly identify me as the Holder of the Moral, I will take you aside to some secluded area where no people are around; it wouldn't do for others to eavesdrop on our business, now, would it?

Once we are alone, I will ask you to recite unto me the true meaning of the Parable. If you are incorrect, I will sigh heavily and walk away. You have wasted my time, and I will make a point of never coming within 10 miles of you again. If you are correct, though, I will then ask you to tell me what morals you live by. Be completely honest with me. If I detect even the slightest falsehood, I will walk away, never to reveal myself to you again. If you can lay bare to me everything you value, no more and no less, I will tell you a fable that has long since disappeared from human memory.

You'd do well to pay attention to the fable, Seeker, because I don't repeat myself. The moral of the fable is Object 423 of 538, and it reigns above all others.

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