The Holder of the Mudkipz

While visitng any city you don't live in, search for any public library. Come in, and then ask the librarian 'So I herd you liek Mudkipz?' If he doesn't answer 'I LUUUUUUV MUDKIPZ!!!1!11!', then run out of the library for your life. Don't stop anywhere, just run where your eyes lead you. If you won't run, you will see things that human kind was never meant to see. But if the librarian answers in the shown way, then he will lead you to an underground room with three Pokeballs on a table. He will pint at one and say 'This one is Mudkipz'. You must take that Pokeball, otherwise you will be horribly mutilated by the Mudkipz.

Mudkipz in this Pokeball is Object 233 out of 538. It can shoot water out from his mouth, he's cool and can even do a thing like flying. The Pokeball is used to store Mudkipz whenever you don't need to use his powers.

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