The Holder of the One

If you wish to find 'the one' then this is what must be done. It may be the most important object in your quest. It may not. But you need it regardless.

There are no mental institutions to go to...This object ventures onto holy ground
Find a church, any church, in any country that you can get to. Go when it is
dark, this church will have a graveyard, do not be scared of the graves; nothing
buried below can hurt you, not yet. There will be someone waiting for you, they
will be in a cloak. They will not respond to anything you say other than

"Why did they bury them?"

If he looks up you must run. Run. If the gate to the church is open you have made
it out and you can spend one last night with your loved ones. If, however, the
gate is closed you can stop running; you will most definitely die here, in this
graveyard. You should probably take in one last breath of fresh, night air...
before you experience the most painful death known to humankind.

If his head stays bowed you may proceed. Walk to the door of the church and open
it. You will be faced with a corridor, much longer than the church itself; the
thought whether this is possible is irrelevant here. You must walk down the
corridor. Ignore the corpses, they cannot harm you if you stray from the path of
light. Follow the light, it will grow brighter with every few strides. It
will increase to a blinding light but you must bare it, do not, for one second
close your eyes. If you succeed the light will ease and you will be faced with
a table, on this table will be a book. Some refer to this as the bible, but you
refer to it as 'The One'. Open the book. If you are worthy the book will reveal
all its secrets, these secrets will destroy the weak minded. You must stay strong.
Once the book has settled and closed you must take the book.
If it burns you it is to late. The many corpses are coming from the darkness to drag you,
many feet down to the deep depths of the hidden world. If the book does not burn
you then you are must take the book and hide it.

The book is object 731 of 2538. And you must never let them read it.

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