The Holder of the Random Encounter

In Cerulean City, in Kanto, go to the only Pokèmon Center you can go to. When you reach the front desk, ask for the Holder of the Random Encounter. The nurse will say "Welcome to our Pokèmon Center. We can heal your Pokèmon to full health. Shall we heal your Pokemon?" Answer yes, and she will take your team and restore them. You will need their strength.

Leave the Pokèmon Center and quickly leave town to the north. If you are attacked by a young boy, you have obviously not prepared for your encounter. If you somehow defeat this child, continue to the north; five warriors will challenge you. It will take all of the strength that you have, but you must conquer them. However, do not challenge the sixth warrior waiting above you, nor a seventh to the east. They will be of infinite use to you later in your quest. If you are defeated by any of these warriors, fear not; your only penalties shall be in money and pride. You shall awaken at the Pokèmon Center completely unscathed, but with half of your money missing. It is a small price to pay. You may try again if you wish, but you are better off honing your strength first.

If you do manage to conquer these warriors, you will be awarded with gold; do not be distracted by this glimmering nugget, however. The final warrior will then offer you a high-ranking position in a mighty criminal organization, but you must refuse! If you are firm with your decision, the fifth warrior shall vanish before your eyes. The Holder has just deemed you worthy. Return to the Pokèmon Center and begin anew - this time, the warriors will not challenge you.

Once again exiting to the north, position yourself in front of the sixth warrior, but do not let him see you until you are prepared. As soon as your eyes meet, you must somehow fly or teleport back to the Pokèmon Center. If you are too slow, or you lack the ability to teleport or fly, this warrior will challenge you, and whether you win or lose, all hope is lost; you shall never obtain the Object you desire!

There is no turning back now. Once again, leave town by the north, this time avoiding the sixth warrior. Follow the path as it curves to the east. You will see many more humans and monsters, but pay them no mind. If any of them should talk to you or challenge you, you have failed, and the Object shall never appear. Eventually, you will come accross a young boy, but do not approach him, or all time will freeze and you shall be locked in place until the universe's batteries run dry. Instead let him approach you.

He will attack you with a pink monster that spits water at high force, but you must overcome his power with monsters of your own. Once he is defeated, walk away from him without saying a word, back towards Cerulean City. After taking a few steps, you will suddenly freeze in place, and when you can move again, reality will distort around you. In front of you shall be a feline creature resembling an unborn fetus.

This beast will not attack you unless you move as well. Do not destroy it, or your quest shall be for naught; instead, opt to catch it with mystical red and white orbs you have previously acquired. If you have none, well, you're one hell of an idiot and this whole thing was a waste your of time and mine! Pray that you have a backup save.

If you do manage to capture this creature, it shall be yours to keep. It will loyally follow your commands and assist you in great battles to come.

This creature object is number 151 of 649. It can learn any TM or HM move in the game.

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