The Holder of the Reversal

The Holder of the Reversal

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution of halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, hand a piece of paper to the worker with the words "The Holder of the Reversal" in mirror writing. If the worker dismisses you and threatens to call security, let them. If not, thank them and leave as quickly as you can without looking back, for they will know that you have come.

Instead of taking you to a detention facility, they will instead take you to a hall full of clocks. Do not attempt to look at any of them, as you will quickly age in reverse until nothing is left. After walking for what felt like ages, you will be asked to enter a pitch black room. When you enter, you will experience every moment that has happened in history all at once, in reverse, right until the creation of the universe.

Many will go mad and many will simply die from this experience. But if you manage to hold on to your sanity, you will come face to face with a man whose face will bear the marks of age and wisdom. You can ask him anything, but will not get any answer. The only thing you can say is "This is the mark of what has become.". He will simply laugh and hand you a pair of glasses. Take the glasses, but do not wear them in his presence as it will reveal the monster that lurks within him. Thank him and walk out of the room, never taking your eyes off him.

These glasses will let you see a person's life being lived out in reverse, until the time of his conception.

The pair of glasses is 1691 of the 2538. There is a reason why one can not go back in time, will you risk finding out why?

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