The Holder of the Spire

In whatever country and whatever city it may be that you live in, find the highest building there, be it a skyscraper or tower or whatever else, go to the roof and shout as loud as you can to be taken to "the holder of the spire". Assuming you have selected the right building, the sky will turn dark and the building will start to rise. It will be plucked from the ground from an unknown force steadily go faster and faster up. Enjoy your air while you can, for it will go into space, where air is just wishful thinking.

After about 5 minutes or so, the building will slow down as it rises into a bubble far outside the galaxy. Once inside(assuming you haven't passed out and/or suffocated by now) air will return to your lungs, and you will be able to breath again. Your makeshift spaceship will come to a stop a few feet away from a near mirror image of the building you rode in on, except it will be exactly 5 times longer.

You must now climb to the other side of the new building, depending on how tall yours was, this could take anywhere for a few hours to a few days to a few weeks to do, but complete it and you will find the holder with the object you desire. The holder himself is short, but stands atop a tall pedestal, staring upwards at the galaxies and nebulae. Only one question will stop his star-gazing:
"What is the height of their accomplishments?"

The Holder will leap off of his pedistool, seemingly defying gravity, as he backflips towards you. Meeting your gaze, you will be told of all things that the objects can do. Not just when they come together, but of what they can do alone, the good, the bad, and the devastating.

As soon as he finishes his speech, cast yourself off the building, as the bubble keeping the air in will quickly grow smaller until you are sucked into the vacuum of space; so jump off, leap into the darkness. You will fall, and fall, and fall; all the way back down to earth, blacking out inches before you hit the ground.

When you wake up, you will be at the lowest valley of your town, a sewing needle lying on top of you.

That needle is object assigned of the number 1327. It is a long way to the top, have you set your sights too high?

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