The Holder of the Squall

In any city, in any country, go to the nearest airport you can get yourself to. When you pass inspection, go to the nearest place you can buy a ticket, and ask to travel to where "The Holder of the Squall" lives. Should the salesman or saleswoman show a face that is chipper, count yourself lucky, you have just bought a ticket to the holder. If the worker doesn't give any sign of your existence, you should fall to the ground and weep, and at the top of your lungs, scream, "Why have you left us!" If now the worker gives you a chipper look, stop weeping and rise, for you may now continue.
Should the worker still not pay you any mind, you have been lost to the dimension between the plains of reality of that of the holders themselves, where the demons of each are kept in the deepest pits of hell. You are now their lunch, you will never die, you will see, hear, feel, and smell everything from the creature of hell, to the flesh ripping and tearing off of your bones, to growls and hisses of the demons, to the blood leaving your body and dripping onto the once white airport tiling . Everyday you will be remade to do the cycle yet again.
If you have managed to get your ticket though, go to the seat assigned to you by the ticket, you should be the only one on the plane, save for a middle aged woman in a light jacket and hat. Your seat should be next to hers. Now you should hastily reach your seat and do as per normal when about to take off in flight. No matter what you do, do not break the silence, if you do the woman next to you will reveale her true form and consume your soul, then throw your body out of the plane, just to be ran over when the plane starts off to its destination. If the pilot speaks first though, all is calm, for now at least.
When you have been in flight for what seems to be years, the pilot will speak again, just to be cut off with a scream and a growl. The woman next to you will have a smile of the foulest demon imaginable, do not look for even a moment, and do not speak. After 10 seconds, the plane will start to fall from over 20,000 feet above sea level. Wait for the emergency doors to open and start a torrent of air. You must hurry and ask as fast as you possibly can "Why do they linger away from each other?" If you manage to ask before you hit the sea, the women next to you will reveale her true form, for she is the holder.
She will then describe in gruesome details of the first gathering of the objects, the next gathering of the objects, and the gathering of the objects after that. She will tell you of the horrors all of mankind have faced because of this, and how they have rebuilt over time.
All the while you will just be falling endlessly, and it will get harder to hear and breath, but you must prevail. She will then ask for the brothers of her object, you must have both The Orb of the Wave, and The Orb of the Blaze. Should you fail to show her these items, you will be forced out the airlock doors and fall eternally into fire so hot it will roast you alive, waves of water so treacherous they will cut you and then sting you with the salt of the ocean, and of winds that are so dangerous, they will shred you alive into dust. But should you show her these two objects, she will then add her own and bound them in a scarf. You will then wake up in the bed in the place you call home.
Look in your closet and you will find a scarf that was not there before, open it and you will have 3 orbs inside. On the scarf will be the face of the woman, sewed onto it eternally.
The orb is object number 545 of 538, and the sister of the Orb of The Wave and The Orb of the Blaze. As long as you have the orbs together you can survive the elements, and as long as you have the scarf with them, you will have a guardian with you.
In the time of disaster, will these orbs protect you?

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