The Holder of the Transition

I have just come back from our city's fabled "haunted asylum," and this is what I found. I copied it the best I could, but the paper was so old, crumbled and covered in dried bloodstains that this is all I could decipher.

--- --ny city, in any country, go to any men--- ---itution or halfway house you can get yourself to
--- speak to the One Who Rose-. you will be taken outside and --- --- be careful that you do not let any of their blood touch you---- -----

He introduced himself to me as "Nem, the Holder of the Transition," but he may be using another name now---

---it is very important that you keep your eyes closed until he says "The color is Bl---"

---ack, then you may as well keep your eyes closed, because you don't want to see what they're doing to you. But if it is blue, then you can open your eyes---

--- sapphire sculpture is 466 of 538 ------

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