The Holder of the Unholdable

You could search every city, every country, every corner of the globe and you will not find this Holder. This Holder will find you, and only if you are deemed worthy. The requirements? Well, nobody knows exactly what they are, as only one Seeker has survived facing this Holder, and he was mad and rambling by the time they found him, scrawling eerie markings in his own blood all over his body. What they could gather from his confusing murmurs was this; the Unholdable is all of the Objects, yet... not an Object. Nothing cannot be something, even in the most abstract sense. The Unholdable is the shadow of all Objects, a shadow cast through time and space, created with the Objects.

They found the Seeker dead an hour later. He had plucked out his own hair, scratched at the markings on his skin until it was raw and bloody, and clawed out his own eyes. His teeth were scattered on the floor, knocked out by his own fist, which he then shoved down his own throat. Choked by his own hand, silenced forever.

This madness is believed to be Object 2222 out of 2538. True madness is brought by all Objects, and lurks always in the shadows of those who hold and seek.

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