The Holder of the Vermin

They seek me.
I know not where they come from, or what they want, I just know what happens when they find me.
My protector toys with them, tries to keep me safe from them.
I don't know how, but in here I can see it all.
I see them come to this place beneath the streets, where the waste is discarded.
I see Them shout to nobody that they want to see a "Holder of the Vermin."
Is that what I am? Vermin?
I don't care.

They follow their own echoes to us, me and my protector, then sit by us in silence.
Some of them try to slap me away when i come close, unaware of what I am.
Eventually, after a few long moments I hear rain above.
Rain that pours down into here, raising the waters.
I scurry to a higher area, resting on rusted pipes where I can look down at you.
So many try to run back the way came, but the waters would devour them even if they could find the way back.
So few know to remain still, and yet none have passed what came next.

Sometimes few,Sometimes many.
They tear through the water, clawing at theā€¦ Seekers?
Yes. Seekers.

The hands are those that they forget, those they over look and those that they destroy.
That one loved you, but never even noticed.
That one was bullied, and you were too afraid to help.
That one was a seeker you met, you could have protected him from them.
That one was killed by her father.
That one of a drug overdose.
That one was mugged.
That one drowned.

So did you.
They grabbed you and pulled you down into the water.

Could I have saved you?
Am I just like you?

Were I to leave, would the same happen to me?
How could I get past them?

Perhaps I should just accept my sins,
For I'm the only one who bears them and only I can forgive them.

Oh, I'm sorry, I've yet to introduce myself.
I am a humble sewer rat, my protector calls me item 2534 of 538. Should I trust you, I will always lead you to your escape.

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