The Holder of the Weed

In any city, in any country, go to go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the receptionist's desk, ask to visit someone who calls themselves "The Holder of The Weed." A smile should cross their face, one so forceful and unnatural that it looks as though hooks are pulling at their skin, as well as a smile tears should flow from their eyes. Should this not occur, run, never ever, touch anything that is living and green. Should this happen though, take their tears. Contain them in anything.

Next go to the back of the institution, you must not leave it from the front to go around back, if you do you will be choked by the very air outside. You must proceed from a door that was behind the receptionist, one that wasn't there before. Whether you hadn't noticed it or it had appeared is up to your own belief.

Going through that door you will come to a maze. A large hedge labyrinth. It will look like the most beautiful garden you have ever seen in your entire life, the most beautiful one any human has ever seen. Continue through the labyrinth, do not stop and rest and do not stop at all. Should you the very earth around you will begin to rot away your body in the form of a pain more agonizing than that of Hell itself. However, should you find a blue flower, one that glimmers yellow in the sunlight, that looks coated in the souls of the seekers that have died in the arena, pick it. Take it with you. Should you die and the flower hit the ground for any reason, it will grow upon a new hedge. If you do die at any moment during this quest for the Object, your soul will go into that flower, bound with others, each petal is seven souls.

By now you should have tears and the flower. Continue, while going place the flower stem in the tears, not so much as it soaks up all of the tears, but only a small amount, that will keep the flower alive for eternity. So hold it close.

If you spend too much time in the labyrinth the sun will set. Should this happen scream to the heavens, continue screaming until the sun comes back, scream anything and everything, begging the heavens that what they are doing is wrong and you are just. Convince them. Should they remain unconvinced go to the nearest hedge, find a hole in the ground, there should be plenty. Take out the flower and using anything, even your teeth if you have to, bleed upon the petals, hoping that what is in the darkness of the labyrinth does not find you. Soon, after the petals have had enough blood the sun will rise and the darkness will simmer away. Leave the hole quickly and find the labyrinth exit. It will look like stone, but dirt at the same time. It will also be covered in vines. Leave.

When you exit a time will have passed. Minutes, seconds, hours, or even years. That is irrelevant because you will not have aged. You will come out at what looks like the back of the institution. You are, but what you do here is your choice. You can get the object the holder of the weed has, or keep the flower and tears. If you choose not to go for the object the flower must never touch Earth and the tears must never dry up, they must be replaced by your own and they petals must be fed blood every day. This will be sure to give you a long and prosperous life, however, your scars from giving the petals blood will never heal, and you will be forever obsessed with the Object that the Holder of The Weed held.

Should you go forward, you must release the souls in the flower. You must rip apart each petal into seven pieces, and bury each individual piece in a different location in the courtyard. A single plant will bloom shortly, make sure each plant blooms, there could be seven (one petal) or hundreds (many petals). Once every piece of petal has bloomed go to the well in the middle of the courtyard. Take the tears and drop them down the well, keep the container. You should hear a splash, if so, you are accepted by the Earth and can continue. If not you are bound to be strangled by the plants that bloom, each will become a thorny weed and will bind you, eventually strangling you to death.

Should you be accepted, you must dive down the well. It will be a deep well but the fall will be short. Search around at head level for an opening, it will be about the size of one brick in the well, as if one was missing. If you don't find it fast enough the seaweed will drag you down and kill you there. When you find it, push your hand into the empty space, the well will drain and at the bottom will be a tunnel of earth with many beautiful vines growing inside. Pick the most beautiful flower from any vine and hope it truly is the most beautiful. Continue to the end of the tunnel. There there will be two vines wrapped around one another in front of the door. Both will produce a flower at the end of their vines, take neither flower, but take one leaf from each vine and watch the vines retract. Burn botht other the leaves on a torch when you enter. When they do retract quickly enter the door.

In the room is the Holder of The Weed. They will be watering a plant, whispering the plant their secrets over and over again. Look directly at where the water is hitting the ground, and whisper your most intimate secret. If you break eye contact with that spot you will be condemned to forever whisper as The Holder does. The Holder will look up at you when you are done, this is the most kind of the Holders, he will greet you with open arms. Take the trowel from his back pocket as hug embraces you, next ask "What can be dug from Earth?" His response will always be, "Only what can be dug is what is brought up." That means you may. If he does not reply with that, you must kill him with the trowel. If you do not, you will be another seeker, lost in the quest for this object. If you do kill him, you will take his place, hope you are worthy.

If you are worthy you must dig up exactly where you whispered your secret. If you miss you will be condemned to dig forever. If you don't you will bring up a glass seed, turning it will change how it looks, it can look like any form of a plant, from fully grown tree, to simple pollen spore. Take this with you. Keep it, it is the Object. Keep it polished with a mixture of tears, pure water, and a single drop of blood. Once you have it tell the Holder, "You are free from your bearings, your chains to this solitary plant are broken, nurse the plants of Earth as you may, I have released you!" He will take your hand and guide you through a tunnel, you will feel extreme euphoria and pass out. Some may go insane from this sense.

When you wake up you will be in a tree in the labyrinth, the flower you picked in the tunnel will be gone, keep in mind that it protected you when traveling from the underground tunnel. Do not fear, you have won the love of the Earth. It will protect you forever and you will live as one with it. You may also leave the labyrinth at any time, and come back when you wish, at any moment, where ever you are. It is your home. Do not abuse the Earth. Should evil ever arise in your heart, the most horrifing punishment that could be brought upon you, will. On the day of your death, you must return here, and plant the seed in the middle of the labyrinth. You are now the Holder of the Weed.

The seed is object 2005. It is always and forever yours. Keep them separate, keep them safe.

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