The Holder of the World

We did not thought it would be true.
We did not thought that one would actually collect all of those damned objects.
We were just joking around, right?

After the world collapsed, I was walking around what was used to be a road and saw a building on the distance. I stared at it for what may seem to be a long time and pinched myself, to see whether I was hallucinating. I was not. It was a perfectly fine building, and it was exactly that that scared the wits out of me. Since the Completion, as I mockingly call the day when all 538 objects had been collected, all of the buildings had rotten away, leaving dust, hanging steel bars and old memories of an envied past.

I went inside the building and saw myself staring at a simple room. It was barren except for a desk on the middle and a small portrait of the former map of Asia on the left wall. A man with gold-rimmed spectacles was sitting behind the desk, face as expressionless as the room.

"Yes, sir?" he asked with a familiar European accent.

I racked my brain for a quick answer.

"H-How come this building is still standing?"

The man with the gold-rimmed spectacles stood up, and I saw that he was wearing a red and gold concierge suit. He walked toward me and eyed me from my feet to the last hair on my head. Seemingly satisfied, he turned his back and said:

"Follow me."

I cannot stop myself and followed him at the back of the room. There was a door. Was there a door here before? I thought, but before I could think, the concierge opened the door, revealing a long but narrow hallway lit with torches on either wall. He stepped back, and waved his hand toward the hallway. I stepped back.

"W-What? You want me to go inside?"

The concierge nodded, and waiting for not a second, he pushed me on the hallway and immediately closed the door. I banged my hand, but there was no door. The door had simply disappeared. I walked on the hallway, clutching my jacket. It was terrifying cold. Just when I thought that I was walking for almost like an hour, I saw myself looking at another door on the distance. I ran toward the door, but when I opened the door, I saw myself looking at the same room where I came from.

The concierge turned around, sitting on a chair. He was smiling.

"How was the Holder of the World?"

I looked at him with shock. I know the Holders. In fact, after the Completion, everybody knows about the Holders.

"There is no Holder of the World," I said at him, but the concierge only shook his head and laughed.

"Of course there is. You just spoke with him, didn't you? You do not remember, son, but you did. Search your pockets."

I pushed my hand on my pocket and felt something. When I took it out, I realized that it was a watch. It was a peculiar watch, however. It was running backward.

"The Holder of the World is the keeper of that object which was thought to be lost. He was against the other 538 Holders for keeping the other objects on plain sight of humans, but he lost the argument, and was cast here, eternally doomed to look at the damage wrought by the reunification of the 538 cursed objects.

"The backwards watch that you are holding now, that is the first of the 2000 lost objects. It symbolizes hope even in this midst of darkness."

I looked at the watch for what may seem a long time. When I looked up, the concierge was gone. I was looking at a derelict room with the desk upturned and the walls carved with vandals and bullet holes.

The watch felt like a warm, beating heart on my hands.

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