The Holder of the Yellow

The Holder of the Yellow wasn’t much one for violence.
He didn’t hack or slash at the Seekers who failed his tests.
the test itself was enough to make them leave.
He just wanted to be left alone.
Only one man came into his domain and demanded his object.
He was massive, blonde, and his presence told of anguish and corruption.
The Holder of the Yellow looked at the tags of his brothers, Green, Red and Blue, hanging from the Man’s belt.
He must have gotten all those Objects in the same day, probably one after the other.
The Holder of the Yellow knew no mortal human could pass the test to reach him.
The Holder of the Yellow seemed familiar with this man.
He seemed like a relative.
Like a Holder.
The Holder of Yellow Handed his over his tag.
The man laughed at him, an ignorant, arrogant, violent laugh.
The Holder of the Yellow knew then, who this man was.
He had become corrupted.
And now possessed all the Colors.
The man was the Legion.
And he now had another Object.

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