The Holder or Orgasm

In any country, in any city, there is a strip club you may try this in. If you are a man, your quest will be harder. If you are a woman, you may have to get through a wet area.

Anyways, back to the quest. I will list both sides of the quest for whoever reads.

If you are a man, enter the strip club. Inside will be the most beautiful women you have ever seen. If you were to grope one, your hand would have been liquified from the pure intensity of sexiness that comes from the stripper.

Go to the main stage and sit down. Eventually, a blonde woman with breasts bigger than your head will climb onto the stage and grasp the pole. QUICKLY unzip your pants, lest your wang snap from the sudden upward movement.

She will remove her shirt and miniskirt, wearing nothing more than a G-string that hardly covers her crotch. Eventually, she will remove even that. This is when it gets dangerous.

You will probably be cumming before she even gets to you, but don't fret. She'd like it. Eventually, she will crawl towards you and turn around, wiggling her ass of steel in your face.

You must then whip out your dick and masturbate as hard as you possibly can. Fuck yourself like you've never fucked yourself before. As you're doing this, ask her for a blowjob.

She will accept, and lead you to a room you didn't see before. Don't question its sudden appearance, or you'll be castrated. Repeatedly.
Enter the room and hold the door open for her. Make sure you slap herQ on the ass as she enters. If she gasps, you're screwed, and not in the good way. If she giggles, close the door.

Brace yourself against a wall, and close your eyes. She will touch you, and all your clothing will disappear. Your dick will have grown by 10 inches by now. Be happy.

Let her do the job, and if you begin to prematurely cum, do the best you can to hold it in. She doesn't like surprises.

After five minutes, let it all go. Her mouth will be filled with your seed. She'll swallow, and hand you a g-string decorated with demonic symbols.

The G-string is object 8008 of an assload. Wear it with pride.

If you are a woman, enter the strip club as usual. The strippers will all be men, wearing g-strings that hardly cover their massive units. Go up towards the main stage, revealing as much cleavage as possible. Remove your bra if you have to. Eventually, a very well-endowed man will climb up, his penis literally tearing his thong to pieces. Sit down and spread your legs erotically, making sure you have a cameltoe.

He will reach out and poke your cameltoe with his middle finger. Moan in pleasure, as you will most likely feel it. He will lead you to a room in the back and slap your ass.

As you enter the room, remove your pants or lift your skirt. Take off your panties and throw them at him. They will burn when they touch him. His thong will incinerate in a blaze, and his 15-inch dick will erupt foward. Be sure not to be too close, or you will be stabbed by it, and forced to suffer a mixture of pain and pleasure for eternity.

If you were far enough away, strip naked. Rub your breasts as you turn around and bend over. Spread your legs as you bend, and brace yourself against the wall. He will fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before. He will steal your virginity a thousand times, even if you've had sex before. Eventually, he will flip you over and suck on your breasts. When the ordeal is finished, his thong will re-appear. He will hand you it and leave the room.

The G-string is object 8008 of an assload. Wear it with pride.

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