The Holder or Unicorns

In any city, in any country, go to any farm that you can get yourself to. Ask any farmer that you want to see The Holder of Unicorns. If he gives you a knife, congratulate to you, The Holder accepts you. But if he gives you a gun, the shoot in your head, because the gun is for fighting with hideous and horrible monsters, don’t even think that you’re gonna win with this small gun.

Take the knife and follow him, he will lead you on the road between the trees. While walking, you’ll see the trees change, from the spring, to the summer, autumn and finally winter, although that country doesn’t have all four seasons. Next is a ghostly, murky and deadly forest. And finally is a wood looks like in cartoon, where the trees are pink, the sky is blue with rainbow and the streams. And this is the right order, if the order is changed, you will die in many ways. If the summer goes first, you will be burnt, if the autumn goes first, you will be plant’s food, if the winter goes first, now you are in the cold hell, and if the ghosly forest goes first, you will join the ghost legion of the useless seekers.

If you could reach the Rainbow wood, thank the farmer and keep going and find a pack of unicorns. One of them is the holder, find it, its body is blue as the sky, its horn shine like ruby and its hair is like rainbow, this is very hard to do because the pack is as crowded as ants. When you found it, you definitly will be mad, but if you are not, you are very lucky, point the knife at it and say: “Light it!”. The horn will shine, the light will burn your eyes, immediately, cut the horn, pick it up and run to the way you came before, don’t let the unicorns catch and eat you. While running, you will see the farmer, give him the knife so he can fight the unicorns for you, but if you don’t, he will join them. After that, you certainly will stumble over a rock, fall and faint, but don’t drop the horn, believe me, you don’t want to know the result. When you awake, you will see you’re lying on bed in your house.

The unicorn horn is Object 540 of 2538. Tell me, does the mercy for that farmer make you want to puncture the horn right into your heart?

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