The Inhabitant

In any city, in any country, go to the most forsaken house in the city. Make sure at least ONE person has lived there. It must have a basement. Go into the basement and recite "‰ä‘zŠÅ“ž“IŽ—LlI" or "I wish to see the Inhabitant!" 12 times. The wall in front of you will open.

Upon entry, a smell will intrude your nose, so putrid, it almost smells good. You will see an old woman, so unbearably ugly with corruption, you cannot look away. Sitting on a stump, she is bound in ropes, with 5 knots in it, she is gnawing on the knots. Ask, "Are you the first, and will there be more?" she will then tell you the gruesome battles for the objects long ago. If you listen the to the entire story, you will be trapped here forever. Right after she tells you about the Battle of Carin, stop her. She will tell you who she is.

She is Inhabitant 21 of 81. Her ropes cannot be unbound.

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