The Keeper of Religion

In any city, in any country, go to any library you can get yourself to. When you get there, ask the attendant for a book written by "The Keeper Of Religion." It may take some time for her to find it, but eventually she will go into a back room and come out with a thick book that looks fairly new, yet has a certain antique quality about it. Take it to a quiet place and open it at page 538. Begin to read.

We Who Write have not gained much knowledge of its contents; only that it begins with the words that follow.

"I apologise for any errors I make in my writing - I am being pursued as I write, and I may not have much time.

The first thing you should do is go to a very large church - preferably with a library... In fact, if I remember correctly, you need to be in a library of a church. Locate a book that stands out from the others - whether it be binding or color. Once you get this book, you will notice it is blank. Turn the pages one by one - If you do not do this, you might as well pray to one of the stone statues, because the face, if you skip to the end, will jump from the pages and into your mind, tearing apart your sanity.

If you slowly turn them, page by page, a facial feature will appear at every page. Once you get to the face, you will notice it is blinking. Stare at the eyes and ask it the question, "Why?" The face will then transform into a grotesque, rotting creature, and it will explain to you why the Objects were formed, and even why you wanted to become a Seeker. After it finishes you will hear hymns, and you must run with the book - Don't stop at all until you know that they are not following you. Right now, I am on a plane, and there are some priests with hollow looking eyes staring at me. One of them just smiled. I am attempting to maintain my composure, but all of his teeth are extremely sharp... the cabin lights are flickering and they are starting to walk towards me"

The words end abruptly, smears of blood splattering over the pages that follow.

At this point We advise you to look up. If you should see priests with hollow eyes (do not question what they would be doing in a library; such things will likely become irrelevant to you compared to the suffering you are about to endure), then they have found you. They are there for one thing - they will make sure you read no more of the unfortunate Seeker's words.

If, however, the scene is normal, quickly exit the library. Take the book home and hide it. Somewhere deep, dark, somewhere where even you never look. Whilst this book is not necessary for Their reunion, the knowledge contained within the remainder of the tome may well prepare you for what comes when They are reunited.

Just remember to say your prayers every night.

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