The Letter

This document appeared pressed between the pages fifty four and fifty five of all known copies of Dr. Wilheim Totenberg's 'A Paper Butterfly' on March 24 1846. The vailidity of the information in this this document is still in question.

The thesis is correct, The world can be broken as easily and quickly as a paper butterfly. This is what you must do to stop it.

You must have all 2537 Objects in your possession.

If this comes to pass, We offer you our congratulations. The ones who made it this far are few and far between, indeed.

Next you must call forth the final Object.

First, you must expose all of your Objects to the End. Gather them all together in a large room and produce the first object. This will cause all of the Objects to put up a protective barrier in response; nothing can get too close to any of them now.

Next, you must put the End object in a safe place where nobody can steal it. This is imperative. The End object has no similar protective mechanism other than what is built in.

As you take your hands off the End object, you will feel a sharp, stabbing pain in your chest. If you choose to scrutinize it under an X-ray, the reading will show that you now have a diamond connected to your spine. This is caused by the reaction of the other Objects embedded in your body to exposure to the End. Be careful; if someone manages to steal it, the defenses you now have will only work so well if it is used on you, and if it is used continuously, you will die.

If you are willing to take that risk, then if you follow these instructions correctly, you will become the being that We seek; the Holder of Legion. It is your job to hold back the End.

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