The Red

No one really knows what bad luck is like. I guess some people think it's something you can avoid. You don't really know until the Red Man comes after you. You know when he's after you when you start having really bad luck. I mean really bad luck.

You can't avoid it. You can't avoid a car crashing through the front of the coffee shop you work at. You can't avoid your roof collapsing while you sleep. You can't avoid your neighbor accidentally firing their handgun through your wall. These things all happened to my family and friend. Until each one of them ended up dead, in a coma, or insane.

He waits until you're the last one left until he actually shows himself.

I ended up running for it when my mother fell down the stairs and broke her spine. She was dead before her body had even stopped rolling. I decided to run out to the woods. Sure, it was out in the middle of nowhere, and a tree would probably easily fall on me, or a wild animal would kill me. But it was better than being surrounded by the trappings of modern man.

I brought with me everything I needed. The Candle should still be able to protect me, and I still had the Ritual given to me by my contacts. They were dead also, of course. Carbon monoxide leak.

I knew he was after my Candle. I had to keep him from getting it. It was night time now, and the wind was picking up. I lit the candle as quickly as I could, keeping my eyes turned away from it. I had already spent the better part of the afternoon ringing the ground around me with 77 red candles. I went around lighting them all one by one, and by the time they were done, the entire area was lit up as if by a blazing bonfire. It served two purposes: The ring of candles prevented any man from entering, and the Red Man needed darkness to find you. The Object had the power to keep him away.

But, you can't escape bad luck. The wind picked up more, rocking the trees and blowing leaves in my face. The candles began to extinguish one by one. I chased the darkness manically, relighting the candles as quickly as I could. But for every one I lit, two would go out... then four... then eight. There was no way I could keep them all lit. But, it didn't matter. No wind could extinguish the Candle itself, no matter how unlucky I might be.

A gust of wind extinguished a wide swath along an entire half of the circle, and I immediately rounded on the darkness, prepared to defend myself. Then, the Candle was blown out.

When he rushed out and grasped me by my head, nothing but a blur of color, it suddenly made sense. I could not keep him away, because the Red Man was a bit of a misleading name. There was no man at all. Only the Red.

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