The Reliever

In any city, in any country, if by chance you find yourself in a mental hospital or halfway house, and ask for one who calls themselves the Reliever, the clerk will simply shoo you off, as no tenant of that name resides there. Persistence is futile, no matter how oft you ask for the Reliever, they will insist that no tenant of that name exists. You are not ready.

Perhaps though, you've found yourself in this institution before, asking this same clerk for one who calls themselves the Holder of the End, or the Beginning, or of Eternity. If you have indeed embarked on such a quest for these unholy relics, then you have most likely resigned yourself to the fate of eternal damnation, or quite possibly worse. Many a man have held one of the objects in their hands, looking upon it in disbelief, terror, shame, and regret. All the countless knaves, who, in their overwhelming depression, who have taken their lives in an attempt to escape the 538 objects of the Cataclysm, now form a veritable river Styx. In the depths of this deepest darkness, at the bottom of this bottomless pit of despair, lies the Reliever.

You may ask, just what is the Reliever? To one free of the burden of the objects, it is nothing. No matter how long you seek the Reliever, you will not find it without first obtaining at least one of the objects. That is because without the object, the Reliever cannot exist. Now, for those who have an object, or more, and wish to be released from the condemnation of seeking the objects, you must go to a center of worship, at precisely five o'clock in the morning. The denomination matters not. When you've found your sacred ground, you must pray for redemption. Do not pray to a specific deity, nor to the Reliever itself. Simply get on your knees, close your eyes, and pray. Pray until the sun ducks down behind the Earth. You must let nothing break your concentration, as this will mean you have no chance of redemption. When you are finished, a wave of lethargy, combined with intense euphoria will wash over you. If the aforementioned does not take place, you are doomed.

Wait a day, then at approximately nine thirty at night, lay down in your bed and close your eyes as if going to sleep. Do not fall asleep. Do not fall asleep. Do not fall asleep. This cannot be stressed enough. If you drift into slumber, your dreams will become maddening horrors that follow you out of sleep and to the grave. After two hours or so of lying with your eyes close, you should feel as though an immense weight is pushing down on you. If you attempt to move anything other than your eyes, you will be unable. At this point, open your eyes and look around. You will begin to hallucinate, when this happens, repeat to yourself, "I am aware. I am lucid." Until the confines of your room break away and you find yourself in a bizarre place. This is a lucid dream, if you wish you can play around a bit before you get down to business.

When you feel prepared, imagine that you are holding the object. It will appear in one of your hands, when this happens, state out loud, "We know not what we do." Turn around, and a small wooden box should be sitting in front of you on the ground. Place the object in this box, shut it, and do not open it again. Move away from the box until it is completely out of sight, then picture before you a vast, beautiful river. The river that appears will be vast, however it's waters will be murky green and twisted figures will dance upon it's surface. If you aren't horribly dense, by now you've probably figured out that this river is comprised of the souls of those who have taken their lives to escape the objects, and the Reliever is at the bottom of it.

Plunge yourself into the river and don't worry about holding your breath. The instant you come in contact with it, you will be forced to relive each souls trial with the Holders. You must retrieve each object from the Holders. If you fail, you will meet a horrible fate respective to the Holder at who's hands you perished. If you succeed, you will find yourself in the same institution where you received your object. Do not ask the clerk for the Reliever, no tenant exists with that name. Ask for the Holder of your object, and you will be sent on a familiar journey. Upon your arrival at the chamber of your Holder, recite the phrase, "We are but lost souls." The holder of your object will punish you in whatever manner they would had you failed to get the object. It will feel as though the punishment goes on for hours, days, years, eons. When you are on the brink of death and your conscience is at it's breaking point, a bright light will envelope your vision and you will find yourself standing in a field of wildflowers under a brightly shining sun.

At the far end of this field you will notice a diminutive figure, hunched over something. As you approach, the figure will reveal itself as a small child, examining the box you placed your object in. If the child attempts to open the box, you must call out to it not to. If the box is opened at this point, you will be consumed by the wrath of the Holder you took the object from. It's back will be turned to you, and you must not attempt to look at it's face. Strike up a conversation with the child, but do not speak of your past, or of the object. After a period of conversation, the child will merely stop responding to your statements. Tell the child you wish to apologize, and it will grasp the box in both hands and slowly turn to face you. When your eyes meet, you must be sure to make sure that you never break eye contact. You may find yourself lost in the child's eyes, which will appear dull and lifeless. It will merely raise an expectant eyebrow at you, to which you must respond, "I'm sorry. I don't deserve the future." If you stutter, or say anything else, the child will become furious and you will experience the suffering of all of the Holders. However, when you apologize, the child's eyes will light up, and a pure smile will grow across it's face. It will then say, "I am the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the End. To all who are thirsty I will give freely from the springs of the water of life." You must then take the box from the child, and open it. What is inside will no longer be your object, but an artifact from your childhood. When you gaze upon it, you will be overcome with such sentiment that you weep.

After your vision clears and your tears dry, the child will be gone and you will find yourself alone in the field. Congratulations, you're free. To return to your consciousness, look skyward and state, "I am at peace with myself."

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