The Rites

Let me let you in on a little secret; you can bring the Objects together as close as you like, but they won't be capable of bringing about a decent sale at a thrift store, let alone whatever horrible catastrophe you might believe they are capable of. There is a very good reason for this.

The Objects are but parts of a greater whole; this much is common knowledge to most Seekers. However, unless they are connected, their true power will remain locked away.

The means of connecting the Objects are known as The Rites, and I am their sole guardian and curator.

It was I who performed The Rites the last time They were together, but alas, I shall not be around when They are brought together again. For though I am certainly long-lived, I am not immortal, and I feel my time in this world winding down. I am kept alive only by the need to pass down the knowledge I possess.

Which brings us to the matter at hand. Though this is not an Object, per se, I could still be considered its Holder, and should be approached as such.

No mental institutions or halfway houses for you, Seeker; your destination is a bookstore. Any will do, be it a small, locally owned store or part of a large chain. Make sure you bring a pen or other writing utensil.

Seek a bookshelf on the wall furthest from the door, and make sure you are not being watched. You are about to deface some store property, and you would not like to be caught. Take a book from the third shelf from the top; if this shelf is too high to reach, try another shelf. Write in the front cover in small but legible print "I seek the Teacher". Return the book to its position and wait about 30 seconds.

You may notice if you look around that you are now alone in the store; no customers nor clerks. The same holds true for outside. Don't dwell on this, it's not terribly important.

After about 30 seconds, one of two things will occur. If nothing happens, you have not been deemed wise enough to comprehend what I have to teach. Leave the bookstore and return home. When you next step outside, everything will be normal. You may try again whenever you wish, but know that unless you are wiser, you will still be barred passage.

If you have been deemed worthy by my first barrier, the bookshelf will pull into the wall and slide away, revealing a dimly lit hall. Along the way you will notice the occasional scribbling on the wall. These will become more frequent as you proceed down the hall, intermixing with runes and symbols both known and unknown, the words of your native tongue mixing with foreign and dead languages, and finally with The Language itself, arranged in intricate and arcane patterns.

When you reach the end of the hall, you will come to a knobless door of dark wood, a large eye carved into it. Knock thrice, and stand perfectly still. Do not move, and do not think; the Eye is my second barrier, and it is probing you, searching for something, any reason to deny you passage. What it is I'm not sure; the door seems to have a mind of its own, and it's been known to exclude Seekers for completely arbitrary reasons.

Should the Eye begin to glow a bright orange, you have been denied; follow the same instructions as if you had been denied by the first barrier. However, do not attempt to seek me for at least one month. If you do, one of my 'assistants' will be waiting for you in the hall. It will kill you, and your body will be used in the rituals I study.

Should it swing open, then you are indeed worthy of an audience with me. Enter. I should be dressed in a dark gray robe, hunched over a large wooden desk with large stacks of books and papers. Stand and wait for me to acknowledge you, as I do not appreciate being interrupted. When I acknowledge your presence, you may ask me your question, though in true Holder fashion, only one will yield the result you want: "What must I do when they come together?"

I will motion for you to move to another part of the room; the center of a large, intricate circle on the floor. In the center will be a length of rope, a knife, and a small rubber ball. Sit down in the circle, and I will begin to speak. I will tell you of every ritual ever performed, what those who performed them hoped to achieve, and what came of those rituals. I will also speak of the time when They last came together. During this story, I will ask you to perform certain tasks using the objects before you; bouncing the ball, wrapping the rope around a body part, slashing your arm with the knife, etc. Whatever I ask you, you must comply quickly and concisely, lest it result in the failure of the ritual. And I do not take well to failure.

At the end of the story, I will motion for you to stand, and lead you back to my desk. Bring the knife. I will hand you a large, leather-bound tome, thank you for your time and assistance, and return to my seat. Walk behind me and use the knife to slash my throat. Do not worry; I am beyond feeling pain from something as trivial as this. My task is complete, and I no longer have a reason to linger in this world. Return down the hall and to your home.

The contents of the tome are, of course, The Rites, and you are now its Holder. Whether you use this knowledge to bring about the end or prevent it is none of my concern, but know this; the Seekers who learn of The Rites existence will certainly come looking for me, and in turn, looking for you. Watch yourself.

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