The Seeker of the Lens

So it turns out they were real after all, at first I wanted nothing more to do with it, but now that I think about it, it was fun, exhilarating, and I want to do it again.

If I know too much about it, that might scare me away from doing it, so lets just scroll up and down really fast and pick one at random: The Holder of Death... Redo! The Holder of Despair; oh come on! The Holder of the Lens; THERE we go.

So after finding one that didn't sound like certain failure, I did my new tradition of only reading the first paragraph before heading off way under-prepared.

The asylum I went to last time has so conveniently closed down, so I had to do a Google maps search and the next closest place was 2 towns over. So I got into my car mumbling about the 4 hour drive.

I got there 2 Mountain Dew cans later(I left pretty early, just in case). The place was called "The Willshire Lunatic Home", not very sensitive to the patients, but I guess if they really are crazy they probably won't be able to read it, let alone remember it by the time they get to their cell.

well, lets get this over with...

I open the door and I step inside; the front desk worker is already busy with her paper work, the small bit I read said nothing about what to do in this situation, but there was a LOT of papers there and my ADHD wouldn't let me wait there for that long.

"excuse me? I wish to see the Holder of the Lens" I said, but she didn't do anything, maybe she didn't hear me? "AHEM, I said I need to see the Holder of the Lens!", still nothing. "hey!" I half-shouted, but then "Are you sure?" the secretary finally replied, lifting her head quizzically. "Huh? Oh..." well, he was called the holder of the lens, how tough could he be? I pictured some nerdy looking guy: skinny, glasses, kinda what I look like come to think of it, but I already took down a much tougher sounding holder before, so there was no doubt it my mind when I said"yes, I am sure"

The worker nodded, smiled, stood up, and made a door appear out of nowhere behind the desk. I swear I will never get used to these things.

The hall at the other side of the door was only as wide as the door itself, so we barely could squeeze through. There are mirrors on both sides of the walls, but my ocd pointed out that the were not symmetrical in any way. some were close together, some were far apart, and they never faced each other.

looking into them as I passed, One of them wasn't right. It was missing something... ME! I leaned over and checked the mirror right next to it to make sure I didn't suddenly turn into a vampire, then went back to face the me-less mirror.

The attendant noticed and stepped toward the mirror.
"There's something up with this mirror-" I tried to explain, but she just ignored me and pushed the mirror aside, revealing a darkened room behind it.
"uhh... thanks?" I said to the worker as I went through.

I got inside and the mirror slid back into place, making this already pitch-black room even darker somehow.

as I started to do my trademark run-forward-in-the-dark-until-you-hit-something maneuver, some murmuring started up in the background. It was pretty quiet though, so maybe they haven't found me yet.

Damn this is a big room, I've been walking forward for at least 5 minutes and- OH CRAP! THE MURMURING JUST STOPPED! THEY FOUND ME! ok, quick, make up an excuse as to why you are here.
"I am only here to see a friend" I said, pretending to be calm.

The room lit up, it was dim, but since I was in the darkness for so long it was at a comfortable level of brightness, and I could see quite well. What really bugged me was how small the room was, I was running for a while but the place was only about 10ft by 10ft, so I must have been either going in circles or running in place or something.

there was a chair there, and I was quite tired, so I was about to go over there to sit down, but then I remembered where I was, this was the holder's place. that chair could be a trap! it could eat my soul or turn into a demon or give me aids or something.

I was standing still and staring at the chair with all this going through my head when a voice came out of nowhere and told me to sit down. and in spite of my previous caution I sat in the chair. Well, nothing happened so I guess the chair was safe after all. all that worrying for nothing.

"What is your name?" the Holder asked.
"It's uh..."crap, I had a fake name before, what was it? it was a reference to a video game or something, oh screw it. So I just gave him my real name. He asked a lot of questions, what is your favorite number, what is the 5th letter of the alphabet, how many siblings do you have; a lot of pointless things you wouldn't expect in something this serious. At the end he thanked me for telling the truth and said he'd ask me one last question.

if it's anything like the other questions this is going to be easy.
"Why have you come here?" the holder asked.

Sounds simple at first, but i came to steal his crap, I can't tell him that! I can't lie about it either because he JUST thanked me for not lying, I uh... I gotta change the subject!

"May I see your face?" is what I came up with. The holder chuckled, waved one of his arms, and a pair of glasses fell on my lap. That chuckle was a bit suspiciously friendly, but I just made it seem like I wanted to see him and I guess these will make me see him. I thought of the thing I loved most in the world and put them on.

well, the good news is it didn't kill me, the bad news is that now all the walls look like they are covered in blood in guts. the holder told me to stand, which I was more than glad to because the floor was covered in blood to, so I stood on the chair. It still didn't show me the holder's face though(which I was now genuinely curious about), so I looked straight ahead and asked again to see it.

some of the blood cleared away from one of the walls and an object floated out, It was a ways away and I wasn't wearing my glasses(my usual ones for seeing distance as opposed to these ones that make me see blood) so I couldn't quite see what it was, but it was shiny and made my ADD happy so I got up (completely forgot about the blood on the floor but oh well, it's not like I sunk into it or anything) and walked towards it, and as I did so it moved towards me. Even though I was right next to it, I still couldn't tell what it was, it was blurry. Hmmm... I wonder...

I hit it as hard as I could to see what would happen. The thing shattered and turned into a skull, with some of the rotting skin still on it! This, of course, scared the crap out of me, so I pulled my hand away.

Then I understood, THIS WAS THE HOLDER! well crap, And I just punched him. gotta fix this. So I bowed and said thank you, and the holder replied (with bad breath I might add) with "you said you wanted to see my face right? do you?" I thought that skull was the holder's face, I didn't really want to see it again so I just "no thanks" and turned to walk away. But the Holder insisted, putting his hand on my shoulder and asking again- wait a minute, holder... holder... The question! but i didn't read far enough to know what it was! DAMN MY NEWLY BORN TRADITION!!! Ok, just gotta think, this is the holder of lens, he gave me glasses, glasses let you see stuff, so...
"How do they see?" is what I came up with.

But as I said it, the holder pushed me! Did I say the wrong thing? I was falling into the blood that I just remembered was there so I covered my face(I didn't want to get that crap in my eyes or mouth, eww) as I sunk in. Also as I sunk in I saw pictures of things, horrible things, but it was like watching a train wreck(in fact one of the images was a train wreck) and I couldn't look away. then I saw it: me! or well, at least me after I've been run over... 12 times... by a cliff... off of a skyscraper...

anyway it looked like me so I reached out to it, I think I touched it but right as I did the blood disappeared and I was in darkness(why are all the holders so obsessed with darkness?) but wait! a door! I opened it and went into the blinding light on the other side. I was in heaven, oh no wait, it's a bathroom, but it's heaven compared to where I just was. I thanked God(but your not supposed to say God's name in vain so I just said thank you) as I walked out one pair of glasses richer.

In all honesty I don't know why I'm doing this, I don't want to destroy the world, and the stuff you have to do to get these is terrible. and you can't really do anything with the stuff you get. I suffered through so much for what? A needle and a pair of glasses? should I really be doing this?

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