The holder of Maternity

In any city,in any country,go to any mental institution or halfway house and go up to the front desk and ask to talk to someone who calls themselves the holder of maternity .The person at the desk will look away and start singing a lullaby you must keep asking them till they answer.When they do they will take your hand as if they were a lost child.They will lead you to a blue door .If it is any other colour run DO NOT look back .If it is the blue door carry on however this is your last chance to change your mind , your guide will ask you one last time if you are sure.

If you are then just keep walking you will walk into what looks like the entrance hall of a house .There will be children's drawing on the wall but they will be unusual,horrible depicting the worst events that happened in the past .As you start walking up the stairs you will hear children's laughter .If they are singing hide anywhere you can and wait until they stop.If you do not hide in time you will feel hands pulling at you scratching you pulling you into the ground where you will be taken to a place worse then hell .If you did hide or they were laughing just keep going until you find a door that looks like the one from your bedroom.

You will walk into a room exactly like yours .Your mother will be sitting on your bed she will pay the space next to her indicating you to sit down .Just stand where you were.This is not your mother and you will feel that this is not your mother something is wrong .It might be something obvious like a missing eye .But maybe it will be less obvious you might just feel something is different about her.She will stare at you .You must ask her "Who gave them life?"She will tell you about how they came to life and their whole life.She will then smile and come up to you.You have to close your eyes otherwise you will see her body start rotting and decomposing and it will drive you mad .Once you feel something has been put into your hand .You can open your eyes and leave but do not look at what is in your hand .You can once you are back in the mental institution.A ragdoll stained with blood .

The ragdoll is object 540 of 2538 .Dont let the bedbugs bite.

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