The holder of darkwood

In any park, go to the picnic area. Ask a man eating leek soup "where is the holder of darkwood?" He will frown and shed a single tear. Depending on if he is wearing red or not, he will point to the woods. He will point deep into the forest and reply, "far, far, in the back. That way." He will then lead you to a circus. If you hear singing- "does anyone wish i were alive? So undesireable i am in this body?" -you are alright. However, if you hear shouting- "oh, the deformity! THE DEFORMITY!!" - you have failed your quest. You must run. Do not go home, do not stop at an inn, lest rotten fruit will dissolve your eyes- And you will have a front row seat to the sad fate some of this world carry.
If you have made it to the tent, look through the holes in it. If the cages on the other side are empty, you will be dead before you can tell. If you see a blue-skinned girl with goat legs, you must ask a question. "Why do you look at me like that?" In fact, ask this twice. The chairman will be more forgiving. You will see a chairman with big eyes
and ten meters tall. If you have succeeded, he will give you an eyevisor, much like sunglasses.
This object is ??? Of 538. Drop by and see him. Drop by and see him.

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