This scraggy, ripped up note was found in a small house in Utah which seemed to have been consumed by flames, remarkably leaving the note untouched.

I don't have much time left on this Earth. I just returned from an expedition with my friends Dimitri and Jake. Allow me to introduce myself briefly, I am Isaac. I am writing from my house in Utah, but now nowhere is safe anymore. Let me explain.

Two days ago, my friends and I stumbled across a forum on an internet horror site which spoke of a wicked tale which occurred not far from here. Curiosity peaked, we researched more of these stories, and soon found a website with a vast collection of these fables. We thought they were scary stuff, but in the end we knew something so other-worldly could not exist. Mere rubbish, if you evaluate the legitimacy of these stories scientifically.

A day ago, I learned that science is not entirely accurate.

My friends and I decided to finally debunk this story by trying to obtain the item the story spoke of. Items packed and ready, we traveled to our destination.

That place we drove to was Northglenn, Colorado.

Our drive there was a peculiar one. No traffic, no other people, no gas stations, even no road marking, besides the crumby dirt path which was barely visible as we trekked through the mountains. Bad weather accompanied us as a guest, brewing inhospitable storms which towered over our car. As Northglenn came into view, darkness grew.

Finding our way around the small city to the east side, the city slowly began to change. Subtly at first, the color of buildings, but then gradually, the buildings began to look worn down. Windows were busted, trees and life dead.
Almost like an illusion becoming undone.

Word for word like the story.

Arriving at the east side of the city, we couldn't miss our site. A great, narrow, worn down, black building, labeled "Northglenn Boarding House". Slowly exiting our black Ford Expedition, we peered around the city. The light was dulling, buildings growing darker. Dirt and sandy roads winded through to the heart of town, obviously abandoned. No signs of life whatsoever.

Dimitri ventured forth first, approaching the rickety and old double doors to the boarding house. Though reluctant to the open the doors, he slowly drew them out, their sounds echoing for eternity. No young child greeted us to the door. Maybe this story wasn't so true after all. Just a coincidence of events.

Disbelief growing in us, we began to think of turning back, for the young child had not shown. After some arguing, we decided to seek out room 216. The interior of the hallways were lined with paintings and portraits of people so depressing. All dressed in black as well. Coincidence? Anyways, the hallways seemed to last for miles, yet the narrow building seemed so small from the exterior.

Finally arriving at room 216, our hearts were pounding so hard I could hear them. Since I led the expedition, I decided to open the door. Firmly grabbing the cold handle, I thought about the situation ahead of us. If the woman was to appear, what would we do? Throwing all thoughts aside, I turned the old metal knob, slowly creaking the door open hair by hair.

What we saw next nearly made us puke. As a matter of fact, Dimitri did. A woman with her stomach gouged open, bearing knife incisions. Her eyes were open, no expression emitting from her face as she lied down facing us on her side. She wore a bright red dress, the ones you see from old fashion movies. She carried dark black hair, even in death seeming to glitter so perfectly. She looked as if she were in her late 30's, though we could not confirm anything. Lord knows how long she was dead, maybe for 1000 years, maybe for 1 year. Her skin looked as healthy as any living persons.

"Holy Shit!" I remember Jake yelling in shock and awe. "This can't be true!" He quickly turned and darted out of the room screaming, voice amplified by the hollow walls. Dimitri, mouth green from the vomit, followed suit. I was last, gaze fixed on the lady. Turning to the door, I saw all light leave the room. As I swung open the door, I was overcome with the desire to look back. What my eyes fell upon no one can describe. I can only say that this figure had male qualities, and bore gray skin. And from his mouth erupted a toothy, shark-like grin, teeth razor sharp and seeming to drip saliva, symbolizing its pure hunger.

I cannot very much describe what happened after, for my mind was consumed by that "thing". Are there more? How many of Them are there? After countless sleepless nights of researching, no description of this being has been offered besides one. I believe what I saw was the son of a woman who also lived in Northglenn. It might have been the same who's stomach had been removed. All I truly know is one thing.

His name is Matthias, and I am now Prey.

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