We are standing in the realm of The Holder of Forever.
"Do We have a deal?" I inquire of Essum, "Will you join us?" Edo Edi Essum answers to the affirmative.
As Its cold blackness stares into me, and I into It, I become more and more sure. I know, deep inside myself, that this being is the key. With Edo Edi Essum by our side, I know that we would at last be able to rule. We would rule reality Itself. The Objects. The Holders. Balance. Them. "Legion", and perhaps even He Himself would be forced to bend a knee to our power. I would have my revenge, after centuries of waiting.

I shift my gaze briefly to Pessum Ire. In Ire's many eyes, I can see that he knows what I do. Essum would complete our Alliance, and existence would fall by our command. However, this silent exchange is interrupted by this realm dissolving as our presence unmakes it completely. I open the Void and the three of us enter.

As we float through Void, Pessum Ire slowly turns to me. "Infectos Essun, my Master," It says,"Have you felt what I have felt? Have you seen in Essum the Darkness that will lead us to victory?"
I reply, "Essum was born from the Objects. It shall help us control Them, and through Them, the one who must fall. None will be able to stop us with Essum by our side."
"But there is danger there, is there not, my Master? When I attempt to read Essum, all I can feel is darkness. That one is truly empty, and only hunger pervades Its being. I feel as if-"
"Be silent,"
I command sharply of Pessum Ire. The force of My annoyance causes cracks to bloom across Pessum Ire's carapace. He cries in pain, a sound that has turned many a mortal being to dust. "Do not question my word, apprentice. You still have much to learn. Darkness is thy life-"
"And my life is thy will, my Master,"
Pessum Ire completes, "Forgive me."

Ignoring him, I turn toward Essum. Essum floats silently by my side, Its tattered black cloak flowing gracefully behind it. It looks onward, either ignoring or not hearing the exchange that just took place. As I regard Essum, I can feel Its hunger, Its power. I can feel Its willingness to destroy. My consciousness gazes at It, and something stirs within me. I can only equate the feeling to what mortals call "triumph". With this one's power under my command, all of existence and nonexistence will bow before my might. I will at last rise again, and take what is mine. We will not float in the Void, no, not any longer.

Our time has come.

To be continued in Pessum Ire.

Part of the series Ieiunitas, Infectus, Talius.
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